Thursday, August 16, 2012

Busy as a Bee

FBS: 62

Oh! So low! I did not eat dinner last night because I was not hungry or because I am a little under the weather due to bad allergies.  Hahahaha There is not a good kind of allergy!!!  It was so cold last week I had to switch off the airconditioning, then I used the electric fan ... and it was downhill from there.  I cannot have the electric fan running while I sleep, all the dust and the hair of Wriggly will just circulate around my room.  I practically live in EDSA so the dust situation is hopeless.  That is why I have to take my allergy shots.  Doctor Canlas is making me immune to dust.  I was not able to go last week so it was a hellish past few days for me.  But I am feeling better already.  I had a stronger dose of DUST this afternoon.

I have been busy as a bee lately.  I am not complaining, I love it because I am preparing for my birthday lunch tomorrow with my Senior friends and a Mexican Birthday party with my AC friends on Sunday.

Food Diary:


2 eggs, ham, mushroom and cheese omelette


beef tapa
half cup garlic rice


Lumpia in a Bowl at Spring, BSA Mansion Benavidez St., Legazpi Village, Makati


Taro Puff ( I felt bad afterwards because it did not taste good, wanted to barf afterwards.)
Lean meat and Century Egg Congee

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