Monday, August 13, 2012

Birthday with the Kids

FBS: 97

Another Happy Birthday Everyday, Lia! I celebrated my birthday today with the kids of the Feeding Program of St. Andrew The Apostle Parish in Bel-Air.

This is already my 3rd year with them.  It is a very successful program because you have to book your slot as soon as it starts in June and it runs until October or November.  They are the children of parents who attend the Sheperding Program every Wednesday Night at the church.

The goal of the Sheperding Program is to enable them to have a more meaningful spiritual relationship with God and bring them closer to Him.

They just asked me to prepare soup, vegetables, a viand, rice, dessert and juice.  Normally, other sponsors just prepare a one-dish meal like sinigang or tinola but  I always have a hard time estimating how many kilos of meat should I buy for 50 children.  So, I prepare food that I can cook per piece.  The previous years I  cooked pork barbecue for them.

This year our food was .....

Macaroni Vegetable Soup

Lumpiang Shanghai with Sweet and sour Sauce

Sweetend Saba Banana

Rice and Orange Juice

Food Diary:

2 eggs, fried in butter


1\2 C. rice
1 qtr. roast chicken


garlic rice
beef tapa

After dinner snack:

Halo Halo from Razons 

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