Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh My Holy God! It's soooo Unbelievable!!!

FBS: 74

I had my blood work up done this morning and the results are unbelievable!  What makes it unbelievable for me is the fact that I have been eating to my heart's content, I was never hungry, I lost my cravings, no calorie counting, no portion control, I could even eat LECHON!!!  What's not to like in the wheat-free lifestyle???  And rice! It does not even have to be brown!  And I would eat the visible fat of the pork as in Binagoongan, Bicol Express, etc....  Eggs? 2 whole eggs a day!!!  And yet.... my cholesterol dropped lower than normal!

Take a look at my results and tell me  if Dr. Davis (cardiologist, author of Wheat Belly) is correct in saying that WHEAT is the enemy or not.

                01-05-12     07-22-12     Reference Ranges

FBS           221.65         65.95            54.96 ~ 114.97
Hba1c          11.70           8.10              4.27 ~ 6.07
Cholesterol     4.38           3.59             3.88 ~ 6.20
Triglycerides   3.26           1.76             0.11 ~ 2.26
VLDL             1.50           0.81             0.05 ~ 1.04
SGPT/ALT     42.29         13.98             5 ~ 31
HDL                1.09           1.13            > 1.15

I am very happy!!!!  It is still super surreal to me.   I wanted to wait for 90 days of being wheat-free but friends and family have been alarmed by my low FBS.  For sure my HBa1c will be low and normal by then.  It is still over the limit now but definitely a big improvement from my January results.

I have to work on my HDL which is the good cholesterol.  I have to eat more food which would elevate the HDL levels.

I cannot wait! I want to show it to Dr. Wassmer, my Endocrinologist and write to Dr. Davis!!!

Never in my wildest dream or prayer that my numbers would improve. I have been praying and praying for a miracle to happen, I have been asking God to teach me how to make it better without making it hard for me... and this is it! I got the answer to my prayers!  Which is, to be able to eat all my favorite food and at the same time have a normal blood chemistry.  It is still a work in progress but Yes!!! .... I'm on my way.

Food Diary:


1/2 C. white rice
half daing na bangus

3 pcs. taro puff
4 pcs. sharksfin dumplings


Stilton Cheese from Jing


1/2 C. white rice
half daing na bangus
garlic Kangkong