Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marked Improvement!!!

FBS: 62

I just came from a doctor's appointment with my Endocrinologist today and she said my blood test results have shown a Marked Improvement!  She was so amazed.  I told her I started adapting the Wheat-free lifestyle.  I just removed from my diet anything that has wheat in it.  She said, I should continue what I have been doing and instructed me to decrease my insulin dosage by 10 units and to further decrease if the FBS does not go up to 70.

She also said, she does not see anything wrong with my diet because it seems balanced because there are carbs, protein, vegetables and fat.

Despite the fact that I decreased my insulin to 50 last night, I still got a 62 blood sugar reading.  I cannot be eating all the time to raise my sugar, I will get fat!    Hahahaha, I meant... FATTER!!!

Imagine, I have to eat even if I do not want to???  I hope I will be able to regulate it and eventually just take the minimum amount of medications or hopefully... not take any at all!

I put together one of my favorite salads tonight. 

Grapes and Orange Salad with Candied Almonds

My favorite dressing:

1/2 T. white sugar
1/2 T. Cava wine vinegar
1 T. Extra-virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

Food Diary:


Pan-fried Tawilis
1 egg, scrambled with garlic, onions and tomato
1/2 C. rice


Tapa flakes
onion and tomato
1/2 C. garlic rice


3 pcs. Taro Puff


Grapes and Orange Salad with Candied Almonds


  1. congrats li! i will try to do this as well.. and will share this with others. galing cos you still get to eat yummy food! keep it up.. before you know it no need for your meds AND sexy-er kana!

    1. Yes Cath! You saw how much yummy food I have been eating and yet my sugar,cholesterol, triglycerides and sgpt went down!