Friday, July 20, 2012

Lunch for Manay Ana and Mia


I was a little alarmed because 63 in my opinion is too low.  I immediately texted Mico, my friend who is an IM.  She replied, indeed it was quite low and she urged me to eat immediately! Wow! For the first time in my life a doctor was telling me to EAT!  I did not cook anymore but reheated the Chicken Adobo and asked for half a cup of rice from my neighbor, my brother.  I think Hermie was not up yet.

I woke up early to prepare for an early lunch with my friends from overseas, Mia and "Manay Ana", the sister of Catherine who wanted to meet me.  I was supposed to go with them to Cebu but  my Wednesdays these days are not free anymore. 

Marianne, Candy, Michelle and Cath also attended the lunch.

I usually prepare Filipino food for Balikbayans.  I just told them it will be a simple ihaw-ihaw and ginataan affair.

I used the recipe of Thai Grilled Pork Belly for the inihaw.

Hermie prepared the Baked Tahong.

Everybody loved the Fried Lumpiang Ubod with my vinegar dip.  I added a little sukang tuba to the cane vinegar.

Bicol Express

Sinampalukan Hipon, my favorite!

I cannot eat Sinampalukan Hipon without the Binagoongan Baboy.

I used the bagoong from Bataan.

Candy brought Putong Puti from Cabanatuan.

I tried just a little ... as small as the size of my fingernail and it was soooooo good!  I wish I could have eaten more.

Marianne and Catherine brought Crabs in Butter-Garlic Sauce. 

You cannot believe the aligue of the crabs!!!  Super super orange!!!  Catherine cooked the crabs, I just shared my recipe with her.

I looooooved the Minatamis na saging the best!!!! 

I added butter and rhum!  I could not stop eating!

I hope it will not affect my FBS tomorrow. 

It was so nice to meet Manay Ana for the first time. 

I am also glad Mia is in town and I was able to cook for her.  I really cannot forget when we were in grade school that I would eat lunch almost everyday at their house!!!!  Hahahahaha!

I had this bad habit of eating at my classmates' houses for lunch.  I do not know if I was invited or not, all I can remember, when it was lunch break, I would tag along with them.

Food Diary:


Chicken Adobo
1/2 C. white rice


1/2 C. white rice
Sinampalukan Hipon
Binagoongan Baboy
Grilled pork belly
Minatamis na Saging


Leftover from lunch but no more rice

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