Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lunch at Yaki Mix

FBS: 90

Much, much better FBS.  As long as it is below 110 and over 70, my Dr. said I'm good!

PD, Ate and I had lunch at Yaki Mix Greenbelt.  I had to choose food that had no wheat and soy sauce.  Good thing, there are many items to choose from.


I loved the vegetable dishes, broccoli florets and leaves with garlic and fish but I did not eat the fish because I think it was dipped in cornstarch. 


I also got fish, salted beef and pork strips for grilling. 



I went back several times for the very sweet and fresh Shrimp Suahe.


I am waiting tomorrow for my FBS results.

Food Diary:


Daing na Bangus
Fried egg
1/2 C. rice



Grilled Beef, Pork, Fish and Shrimps



Fried rice
 Beef with Enoki Mushrooms (I think this dish had a little soy sauce.)
1 pc. sio mai - no wrapper
crispy pata
Broccoli vegetables
Leche flan with nata de coco and kaong
Mango juice


Romaine lettuce with grapes, pears and Stilton Cheese with Honey wine vinaigrette

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