Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hmmmm not too much rice....

Yesterday, I had 2 servings of white rice, half a cup per serving and my FBS this morning was 111.  So, I really have to eat  1 serving per day only, which I did today.  Crossing my fingers that my FBS would be lower tomorrow.

I am amazed that I was able to last until 8:00 pm to eat my dinner.  To think I only had less than half a cup of white rice and pork ribs sinigang with vegetables for lunch.

It is true that eliminating wheat cuts down the cravings.  So very true in my case!  There was never a day that I did not have a craving! But now ..... no more! I feel like I have been liberated from a prison of my own doing.

Food Diary:


1 egg, sunny side-up
1 small can Century Tuna Afritada


1/2 C. white rice
Pork Spareribs Sinigang


Salad greens with grapes and almonds

Beef Salpicao with Mushrooms

filling of fried vegetable lumpia

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