Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy at 125

125!  I wish I was talking about my weight but this morning my FBS was only 125!  Hooray!!!  I am really very happy because my "hard work" has paid off.  What hard work???  Maybe, I meant my self control and new lifestyle du jour which is, Wheat Free.

Tita Tess Colayco invited PD and I for lunch at Peking Garden, Greenbelt 5 and we had Peking Duck cooked 2-ways.


Jing asked me, I thought you are on a diet?!?!?!  I am!!!  I am allowed to eat Peking Duck!

But not the pancake because it contains wheat, but since I am on my 1st week, weaning and all, I allowed myself to eat just 2 pieces of the pancake and ate the "2nd way" with lettuce.

I forgot to take a picture of the minced duck with water chestnuts and mushrooms!!!!  I just copied a few pictures from one of my postings.

We had our dessert at Ti Amo...

Affogato for PD

Green Tea Latte for Tita Tess and Ghirardeli Hot Chocolate for me.

We had a fun afternoon with lots of stories and we were so full from lunch!

Thank you, Tita Tess!

I am now curious to know if the duck will affect my FBS tomorrow.

My breakfast was just fried egg and a very thin slice of grilled pork chop and probably just 2 T. of rice.

I cooked Pinakbet for dinner.....

and Hermie braised my kitong (samaral) with kalamansi, tomatoes and onions. 

She forgot, I do not like onions in my pinangat.

I am excited again to wake up and check my blood sugar!!!!

Food Diary:


1 thinly sliced grilled pork chop
1 fried egg
2 T. fried rice


2 pancake wrapped Peking duck
minced duck in lettuce cups
half a cup of Ghirardeli hot chocolate


1 C. Pinakbet
half  braised fish

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