Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happiness ... Boracay - Part 1

I was in Boracay again this week!

Yes!!!!  I was with Mona, Corry (sister of Mona) and Tita Cena (Mom of Mona).  I feel so blessed that I was able to have a back to back trip in my most favorite place on Earth.  I thought I already had my fill of the island because I have been there 12 times already!!!!  How lucky could one person get????

I saw a sail boat so aptly named ..... Happiness ....  Boracay.

There is no better word to express my feelings when I am in my Happy Place.

We spent the first two days at Willys Beach Hotel.  We booked 2 Deluxe rooms.

It is one of my favorite hotels on the island.  Mid-range, good location  (main road and beach front) and great staff - very attentive and courteous.  They know me by name already because it was my third time to stay at their hotel.

I ordered my favorite .....

Pancit Bam-i while waiting for Mona and her family who took the PAL flight via Kalibo because Tita Cena did not like to ride the small aircraft via Caticlan.

YUM!!! I finished the whole platter all by myself!  Hahahahaha!

When they arrived, we immediately went to D Mall and ate at Island Chicken Inasal.  I have been dreaming about the grilled chicken ever since I tried it last March but my Ate and her family did not want to eat there last week.

I really, really, really loved the Grilled Chicken!!!!

Dipping Sauces

and Kalamansi with Chili

We also ordered Grilled Liempo.

And ..... Kansi!

The Kansi was such a hit with Mona and Corry! Tita  Cena enjoyed the litid part and the broth was hot and so flavorful.  A cross between Nilagang Baka and Sinigang!!!

Our dessert was at Halowich.

A big bowl of shaved ice, strawberry syrup, soft-served ice cream, topped  with fresh fruits (watermelon, banana, apple and mango) and drizzled with more strawberry syrup!!!


When we got back to the hotel, we only went swimming for a while because the waves were really big.  I injured my back last August because of the huge waves, I did not want to undergo physical therapy again.

Early dinner at Aquafresh, D Talipapa..... my suki paluto restaurant.  I called up to reserve a table for four (036-2881636).

We bought a kilo of crabs and a kilo of prawns in the wet market.  We also bought Anchor Butter because they normally use margarine for the .....

Butter-Garlic Crab

One would think a whole kilo was too much for us ..... but not a single claw was left untouched.  And the sauce!!!!  We drizzled it over the rice ....

And the aligue?!?!?!?!?!?  The best part!

We also had Prawns Sinigang

and ... Steamed Prawns.

Mona and I walked along the white beach while Corry and Tita Cena had in-room massage service.  There was a full moon.

We planned to go clubbing but ended up eating ice cream at Aria Gelato.  I got  the Avocado flavor.

We were sooo tired and called it a night.

We woke up early and had the buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Fried Chicken and Tortang Talong

Dried Pusit

Baked Potatoes

Beef Tapa

Meatloaf (I think?)

Pork Adobo

Pancit Canton

Veal Sausage


Just because there was a lot of food did not mean I got everything.  I only chose what I liked.

Plate #1

Plate #2

Plate #3

Plate #4

Tita Cena wanted to go to Puka Beach because she has read about it in a magazine.

Plus the waves were not as big but still strong enough to enjoy my NEW body board from Toy Kingdom!!!


While Corry was gliding over the waves....

I walked along the whole stretch of Puka beach and took pictures.

Really beautiful .... voted as one of the top 50 beaches by CNN.

We took a very long tricycle ride to Angol Point, the very end of Station 3 to eat at another favorite joint of mine, Nagisa Coffee Shop, Surfside Resort.

We had Shrimp Tempura!  Simply one of the best I have eaten!

I liked the fact the the batter was not thick, it barely coated the prawns.

We also ordered Gyoza....

Tofu with Eggplant....

Tonton, our waiter,  gave us complimentary Iced Tea and Kimchi!  Such a nice young man .... every time I go to their restaurant, he always welcomes me and my party with a big smile and a wave.

Ohhhhh  ... a ladybug on top of the cold towel ...

It was my first time to see one for real!  LOL Not on books nor TV.

So many beautiful photo ops in Boracay .....

A rainbow after the storm!!!!!

A different sunset shot .... it was not a  fiery ball of sun ..... but breath taking, just the same.

My favorite sunset treat ..... King-sized hotdog from Manang!

Her name is Gina and her kiosk is just beside the Diamond Water Sports.

Instead of the usual Jonahs shake, I tried the recommendation of Maya, Mango Madness at Willys.

It was so creamy and delicious! Thick Mango Shake with Orange syrup and Mango cubes!!!  I prefer it over the mango shake of Jonahs.

We wanted to eat at Hawaiian Barbecue but the place was packed with Korean tourists, so we went to their sister-restaurant, I Luv Backyard BBQ.

Corry, Mona and I ordered the Sizzling Ribs

Angels Wings

Tita Cena got the Bangus Belly

I do not know why I get so tired at night in Boracay.  Maybe because of the swimming and walking.

Our last breakfast at Willys......

Sauteed Sardines

Beef Menudo

Beans and Bacon

Pasta Pomodoro

Roast Chicken

Bacon and Frankfurters

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Dried Fish

Vegetable Fried Rice

Turkey SPAM and something I cannot recall.

Plate #1

Plate #2

Plate #3

Plate #4

Part 2 .... to be continued.


  1. the food makes me droool..... i like the breakfast at willy's. good food and great service.

  2. love your blog li!!! Can't wait for Part 2!!!... Corry

  3. Thanks, Mona and Corry! Will write Part 2 now.