Monday, June 11, 2012

Happiness ... at Discovery Shores, Boracay ... Part 2

Our last two days were spent at Discovery Shores, Boracay.

I have dreamed of staying at this swanky hotel for a long time. I could if I wanted to, but then that would mean I may be only able to afford to go to Boracay twice a year instead of  several times.

For so long ... whenever I  walked on the beachfront of Discovery Shores ... I would always look at it with longing.... rubbernecking until it was out of sight... wondering what was inside the beautiful structure... what it felt like to be a guest.... and now ....... I know!!!! 

Thanks to Corry!!! My dream came true! It was her treat!

She booked a 1-Bedroom Suite for us!  The shuttle picked us up at Willys Beach Hotel.  As soon as we got to Discovery Shores, the staff gave us Pandan Water as our welcome drink and very cold face towels!

Tita Cena enjoying her drink on our way to the suite.

We had to ride the elevator to get to the ground floor.

Suite 216 is a corner suite located on the 2nd floor with a view of the pool

and a view of the Sands Restaurant and the beach.

There was a platter of pastries

and a carafe of Pandan water waiting for us when we entered our suite.

The living room has a dining table,

a mini bar and a sink for washing the dishes,

... in case one is inclined to, if not, you can always call guest services and ask them to do it for you.

 The Masters bedroom has 2 queen-sized bed

and the other room has 2 single beds.

There were 3 jars of goodies!

Cookies, glazed pili and dried mangoes.  Unlimited!  You could ask for a refill anytime.

The bathroom has separate areas for the toilet....



and... sink.

Aside from the welcome drinks .... we each had a foot spa session with Maricar!

I was trying out the beds in the Masters bedroom ....

I looked like the Ate of Little Mermaid! Hahahahahaha! 

They have a shuttle which can take you anywhere from Station 1 to 3.

We waited for our ride at the reception area.

YAY!!!  No more trike for us!!!!

We enjoyed our lunch at Island Chicken Inasal the other day so much that we went back for round 2!!!

We could not stop dreaming about the Kansi! This time we asked for the bone marrow.

And of course.... the Grilled Chicken Inasal!

I could eat this everyday!!!!  I have eaten in inasal places in Metro Manila but nothing tasted as good as the one at Island Chicken Inasal.

Grilled Liempo.... again.

Adobong Kangkong.

Ochie said we should try the Batchoy.

It was also delicious!  Perfect for merienda.

As soon as we got back to the hotel, Mona and I went swimming at the beach while Tita Cena and Corry relaxed at the loungers.

We tried the Chocolate Explosion ....

Chocolate cake filled with ganache and  topped with Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream.

The shuttle took us to Mamas for dinner... a restaurant across the entrance of Grand Vista Hotel serving mostly Austrian and German food. 

It is voted as the number 1 restaurant in Boracay by Tripadvisor.

I loved.... so super loved the Homemade Chips!!!!!

It was light and not greasy at all and when you put it in your mouth .... you do not even have to chew it because it melted on the tongue!!!!  I cannot wait to go back and order this again.

We had the Vongole Pesto Pasta made with imported mussels.

I never liked pesto sauce but this time, I was able to eat it ... not bitter and not overpowering.

I asked the waitress what was their saltiest sausage  ....

Bratwurst with sauerkraut and fries.

It was perfectly cooked!  I asked the waitress again how it was prepared, she said, the sausage was steamed and slowly pan fried with a little olive oil.

I want to go back to Mamas!!!

The owner

 gave us several shots of Jagermeister.

I did not drink it, just took a teeny weeny sip.  Mona and Corry had 2 shots each.  It tasted like Benadryl.

When we got back to the hotel .....

upon entering our suite .... we saw a cute visitor!

A towel shaped like an octopus!!!!

I could not wait to wake up to eat breakfast.  I have heard from several people that the hotel has one of the best on the island!!!

True enough ... it did not disappoint.

Coffee, Tea and Hot Native Chocolate
Milk, Chuckie, Iced Milk Tea, Pandan Water and Pineapple Juice
Yakult, Yogurt and salad dressings
Assorted cold cuts, terrines and 8 kinds of cheese
Jelly, Honey and Butter
Assorted Bread
Lychees, Mangoes, Watermelon and Melon
Omelette Station
Strawberry, Caramelized Banana, Chocolate Syrup and Blueberry toppings
French Toasts and Pancakes
Pancit Canton
Asian Noodle Soup Station

Asian Noodle Soup Station

Scrambled Eggs

Crispy Bacon and Hash Brown
Buttered Vegetables
Pork Buns
Sugar cubes for the coffee or tea.
Steamed Fish Fillet
Shanghai Rolls
Stir-fried Cabbage
Chicken Adobo
Garlic Rice
My breakfast .....

Asian Noodle Soup

We requested for a late check - out but was given a wash-up room instead.  It is one of their Junior Suites.

It only has 1 big bed and a single bed.

The bathroom only had a shower stall and a toilet... the sink was outside.

I prefer the 1 bedroom suite though because it has more space.  I even had the opportunity to iron my t-shirt and shorts before transferring to the wash-up room!!! 

There was a snow cone and donut station by the pool and they were serving sausage pizza for guests lounging by the beach!!!

Activity for the kids....

We had a quick lunch at the Sands Restaurant.....

Caesars Salad

Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls

Crispy Lamb Riblets with Sweet Chili Sauce


Soy Ginger Fried Chicken.

One last look before going home.

The boat of Discovery Shores took us to the port in Caticlan....

Upon reaching Tabon port ... the driver of the van was waiting for us to take us to Kalibo International Airport.

We did not want to leave yet!  As always ..... nobody wants to leave Boracay! 

It makes you want to plan your next trip already.

I have always referred to Boracay as my Happy Place .... and the feeling of being in Boracay is ... Happiness!


  1. happiness is boracay. looking forward to our november trip.

    1. Same here, Mona! I cannot wait to eat the homemade chips again!

  2. Amazing! Love the blog.

  3. Thanks for sharing this one I really love Boracay. I hope I can share you some of my photos at monaco suites de boracay during our vacation.

    1. Thank you, Ryan for sharing your photos.