Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dr. William Davis

I wrote a comment on the blog of Dr. William Davis (Wheat Belly) and he replied to me!

Just wanted to share it with all of you.... 

Dr. Davis says:
Wow, Lia: It sounds like you have started on your journey back from Wheat Hell!

Keep it going, as you have hopes of undoing much, if not all, of the health damage done to you by this thing called wheat.

Note that, when you have a wheat indulgence, it is just like having an indulgence of E coli: It is food poisoning.


  1. I went on the wheat belly diet since last April 2013, I went on the diet since I always felt bloated. It didn't take too long before the bloated feeling dissipated and I felt much better. My problem is, lately I feel urges to have something in the evenings. My urges usually start around 8-9 p.m. As suggested by Dr. Davis in his latest book, I bought 5-HTP & it really didn't work on me after taking for a week.The Natrol bottle says take 2 pills a day (100mg) Dr. Davis says to take 300mg a day. How long do I need to take before they kick-in? Any suggestions?

    1. Hi, I'm glad your bloating symptoms disappeared after being wheat-free. I haven't bought his 2nd book yet so I could not comment about Natrol.