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Boracay with the Kids

My dream came true 5 years earlier than my target date.

I told Sophie and Gilly that I would like to take them to Boracay when they turn 18 because they will be adults already and I will not be responsible for them anymore!

My Ate invited Sophie and I to join her family for this trip.  I did not think twice and said, YES!  We did not inform Sophie yet because she will never stop asking questions, we just told her about a week before departure.  My Kuya even asked me to go shopping with her for her Boracay outfits!

Sophie and I took a different airline for the trip.  My Kuya who is over protective said I should take care of his daughter and not to leave her side.  I could not get too excited before leaving for the trip because I was afraid the toxicity level  of Soph would be high!

We were in a cab on our way to the airport, she was so bright and perky already! I woke up at 4:45 so I was not a happy camper, I told her, Soph????  Do not talk to me yet..... I am getting dizzy.

When we got to the airport.... ONLY SOPHIA would say something crazy like ..... Tats? (That is what the kids call me) What if there is a BOMB on the plane?  I immediately said, SOPH!!!!  Do not say the B-word in the airport!!!!  Good thing it was not yet our turn to pay the terminal fee but was just lining up.  I showed her the big sign about making bomb jokes.

I almost got a free round trip ticket!  When we were on board the plane, I heard the crew looking for 15B, that was my seat number!!!  They approached me and asked to see my boarding pass.  Then, they saw I was with Sophia who they assumed was my child, we both have the same surnames.  They were going to ask me if I would be willing to be bumped off to the next flight because they were overbooked!!!  I could not say yes :(( because of course, I could not leave Sophia.

Then, while waiting for it to take off, which took quite a while because of the air traffic.... Sophie was engaging me in a conversation again ... I told her, I did not bring enough candy and that if I talk it would melt easily.

It was a short uneventful flight, Thank God!  During the no seatbelt sign time, Soph and I were listening to our ipod music... so that was relaxing.  The flight was so short! I think I was able to listen to 5 songs only!!!

The van of the hotel picked us up at Caticlan airport, Ate and her family were waiting for us inside.

When we got to the port, they had their own waiting and docking area.

Hahahahaha I was walking too slow so I only got back shots!

Cast of Characters:

My Ate, Butch - husband of Ate and Nicky, son of Ate (Left side)
Gilly, daughter of Ate, Sophie, daughter of Kuya and my neighbor and Lia !  (right side)


After a very NOT so short boat ride, we were in Boracay already!!!  Boat had to take a longer route because the water was choppy.

Ate booked a family suite at Ambassador in Paradise.

They staff welcomed us with leis and drinks ....

Reception area....

Our 2 bedroom Family Suite.....

Masters Bedroom with 1 King-sized bed and 1 bathroom

Dining table


2nd Bedroom  with another bathroom for the kids including me! 1 King-sized bed,1  single bed and an extra bed was set up for Sophie.

Exploring the beach.....

We went to D Mall and had lunch at I Luv Backyard BBQ.

Our choice of food was geared towards the taste of the kids so this post is quite different from my usual Boracay food posts.

Ate got the Grilled Liempo ....

I got the Grilled Chicken

The boys, Butch and Nicky, got the Pulled Pork Barbecue

The girls, Gilly and Sophie, got the Burger.

Dessert and coffee was at Cafe del Sol...

Baked Cheesecake

Ice cream from Aria Gelateria ......


Banana Cream Pie


 A bit melted by the time I took the pictures because I was exploring the beach.


Just had to add this picture..... I  love my legs! 

We went back to the hotel and enjoyed the waters of Boracay!

Waves were big but the temperature of the water was perfect!  Lukewarm!!!!

 Boracay experience would not be complete without trying the Jonahs Fruitshakes.....

With milk ....

Without milk ....

Banana Mocha Peanut Shake

The shakes were ordinary but one must try it at least once.

Another thing I always eat during sunset is the grilled hotdog of Manang!!!!  She knows me already, her kiosk is near Diamond Water Sports.

She also sells choriburger, grilled longanisa, isaw, pork bbq, tenga and a whole lot more.

Dinner was at my favorite paluto restaurant, Aquafresh at D Talipapa.  I called up to reserve a table for 6, they usually get full during meal times.

We only bought shrimps

and scallops at the market.

Baked scallops with Cheese

We ordered the grilled liempo

Sauteed Kang Kong.    I love the way they cook the vegetables.  Simple and yet full of flavor and the leaves were dark green!!!

Later in the evening, I brought Nicky to Club Paraw so he could experience clubbing in Boracay.

I also met with a friend, Henry, who was also on the island with his brother.

Breakfast buffet at Ambassador in Paradise.  (It was a cold morning, the lens of my camera was foggy.)

Bread Station

Fried Rice

Pancit Canton

Okra with Sauce (ewwwwww  lol  I did not get.)

Baked scalloped potatoes

Crispy Bacon

Daing na Bangus

Pork Steak

Breakfast Sausage

Beef Tapa

Fruit Station

Arroz Caldo

Cereal Station

I only got a little of what I wanted.....

and then some more .... Chocolate Croissant and Mushroom, bacon, ham and cheese omellete.

Fresh Mangoes

Waffles with fruits, cream and chocolate syrup!!!!!

I loved the fact that the beach was almost deserted ....

until Sophie and Gilly came along!!!!!  I was not done yet taking pictures!

I immediately went back to the room and changed into my swimsuit.

Even if the girls are taller than me already, they are still kids at heart.... they saw an ice chest full of toys!  I told them the toys are just for toddlers!!!  But no .... they kept coming back for the pails, shovels and other paraphernalia for playing and making sand castles.

Lunch was at Bite Club  and their specialty is BURGERS!!!!  Hahahahaha I told you it was food for the kids.

Nicky, Sophie and Gilly got the Burgerella .... it is a patty stuffed with mozarella with crispy bacon topping.

Butch got the burger with the Cheddar Cheese Cream sauce,  Ate got the Blue Cheese topping and I ordered the one with the Hickory Barbeque Sauce.

Potato Wedges

Crispy Fries

Dessert for the kids and coffee for the adults at Lemon i.

Mango Cheesecake

Mango Cookie for me.

Ohhhh Look at my Ate!

June 2012
She lost so much weight on Cohen diet.  Lost 41 lbs. in 6 months.

August 2011

She and I walked along the white beach and back.  It seemed that it was going to rain so we just ordered and 18 inch Pepperoni Pizza from Yellow Cab for delivery! (Hahahahahaha another food for the kids)

I do not really eat pizza so we got a whole roasted chicken from Andoks and ate it in our room.  It did not rain though.... the boys went out after dinner, the girls stayed in the room and watched tv.  Ate and I went to the resto/bar of the hotel.

The next day, the weather was really bad!  HUGE waves! Strong winds.... heavy rains ... winds so strong that the angle of the rain was almost horizontal.

Breakfast buffet...... I did not take pictures anymore of the spread because it was almost the same, plus it was really cold and the lens of my camera was foggy again.

Just got a few of what I liked.  Corned beef, Hungarian sausage, longganisa, bacon and garlic rice.

I also asked the cook to fry sunny side up egg.

Sophie wanted to go swimming!!!

We all said, NO!!!

There was a lone man brave enough to wade in the water.

They all went back to the room.  I did not want to be cooped up indoors while I was in Boracay so I changed into my swimsuit and board shorts and walked along the beach even if it was raining.

I saw a couple walking also in the rain.

Ohhhhhh! It felt so wonderful!!! I never played in the rain when I was growing up so ... this was a truly wonderful experience for me!!!

I saw a man on his way somewhere with his fresh catch of the day.

Different kinds of Lapu-lapu!

Our last meal was at Obama.  I always eat there before I leave the island because they have an air-conditioned area and very near the hotels I stayed in.

Ahhhh finally!!! Filipino Island Food!!!!  Hahahahaha

(Foggy lens)

Bulalo Soup

Fried Chicken

Grilled Liempo

Calamares (forgot to take a pic)

I ordered Pancit Bam-i

Hmmmmm the menu seemed familiar .... LOL ... One would think it was our usual Saturday Family lunch!

Ate and her family left earlier for their Caticlan flight but was later diverted to Kalibo due to bad weather.

Sohpie and I left a bit later because our Kalibo flight was at 7 pm.

When we were near  Tabon Port in Caticlan, the boatman said we had to transfer to a small paddle boat.  They could not go near the shore because it was low tide already.

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!  I had to ride the very little boat!!!!

Manong, one of the two bankeros.  Behind him ... over his left shoulder?  That was how small the banca was.

It was just enough for me, Sophie and our luggage!  With 2 bankeros, one in front and the other one at the tail end.

A bit embarrassing because I was screaming from the time I got on the boat up to the shore.  Hahahahahaha.  It was less than a 5 minute ride.

I enjoyed my vacation with my family.  Sophie was the epitome of FUN and was not TOXIC at all.  I would gladly invite her again to my food journeys.

Boracay is my one true love.  I accept it with all its flaws and beauty.  Whether the sun is up or the waves are churning ... I always enjoy my time on the island.  I do not know what magic it has but it makes the people who visit it want to come back again and again. 

Sophie who used to say: I hate the beach! is now dreaming about her next trip to the island.

My love!!! Do not despair!  I will be back very, very, very soon!!!!!

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