Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday Surprise

My day was full of surprises.  Saturday is our usual family lunch, no surprise there.

I finally baked the Baby Chicken Relleno I made the other day.

Nilagang Baka for Gilly ..... separated the vegetables and broth from the meat and marrow...

The marrow bones were stacked one on top of each other. 

We let PD have them all, I think she shared one with my Ate.

Fried Lumpiang Ubod

Bicol Express I made on my cooking mood day and stored in the freezer.

SURPRISE!!!! Sio Long Bao from Taiwan!!!

Someone gave us a box of Sio Long Bao.... hand carried from Taiwan.

It was really delish!!!!  If one does not want to go to Taiwan for the dumplings ... the Lugang Sio Long Bao dumplings taste as good.

We also got Pineapple Cake...

and a small box of special Chef Edition from Godiva.

The surprise did not end there!

Paul and Cathy invited me to the 1st birthday of their daughter, Sam.

They ordered Lechon from Generals!!!!

Wow! My very first time to eat that kind of lechon.

The skin was crispy!

And my favorite rib bones and belly were so flavorful!!!

As you can see from the stuffing .... lots of garlic... spices, lemon grass and chili!!!!! 


I ate to my hearts content.  After a few minutes, I had to drink Serc because I could feel the world spinning around me.

Oh but oh so worth it!!!!

I loved all my surprises today!

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