Monday, May 21, 2012

Hong Kong Roast Express

I had a very late breakfast at noon, I was not feeling well earlier in the day because as you have seen in my previous post ... I have over eaten... and my tummy was paying for my sins.  After taking medication, I felt a little bit better and decided to try the new dining place. I figured it was a Sunday and parking will not be a problem on Jupiter cor. Galaxy Streets in Bel-Air.

I got the Roast Pork rice topping set ... it came with a free glass of Coke.

I am in my sio mai obsession these days ...  I tried one order.

I was just telling Mona this morning about the fried mantou buns with condensed milk sauce I ate at a teahouse in Binondo.

I forgot my camera and just used my Blackberry .... the pictures are not as clear as I want them to be.

My Kuya later on dropped by ... I forgot to take a picture of his Wanton Noodle Soup!  I asked for an extra bowl ... I liked the broth which was right up my alley .... SALTY! Hahahahaha.!

They have Horlicks Drink!  I wonder how it tastes?  I still have a few more things I want to try .... maybe next time, Mona and I can share an order of Beef Hofan!

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