Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Annual Retreat at The Mandarin Oriental

Mona and I attended the annual retreat of the KST Facilitators sponsored by Barangay Bel-Air at Mandarin Oriental.  We were so looking forward to the lunch at Paseo Uno.  Bishop Mylo Vergara said, as soon as the small group finishes its sharing, they could head to the restaurant.

We were the first group to finish!  There were 5 of us ... Mona, Tita Linda Floro of Buon Giorno and one of the best food stylists, Tita Juda of Costa Brava, Tita May - my neighbor and myself.

Paseo Uno is celebrating the flavors of Iloilo.  The first thing I saw when I entered was my BFF!!!!!  I immediately got all the crispy skin I wanted.  I also got the Binagoongan Alimango,

the crabs came from Roxas City and Steamed Oyster from Aklan.

I also got Prawns with Aligue Sauce


Fresh Lumpiang Ubod.

A bowl of Batchoy but I did not add the meat anymore... I only wanted the hot broth.

There was also a Tempura station (there were regular Continental food for the foreign guests) and got a few pieces.

My dessert was just assorted goodies and cheese.

Tomorrow is the 2nd day of the retreat.  Mona and I already plotted our food itinerary at Paseo Uno.

FUNNY story ..... I told a friend about the retreat and the food we ate and the friend said .... was the topic of the priest Gluttony?!?!?!?!  Hahahahahaha.


  1. I heard about the cohen diet for the first time when i was reading one of your post. I researched about it and this afternoon i enrolled. I will have to cross my fingers it will work, but nonetheless thank you! I will still visit your blog in the next six months so that even vicariously, i could satisfy the foodie in me!- happy

  2. Hi Happy! Way to go!!! You can do it! My Ate lost 41 pounds in 9 months! From 150 plus she is now 117!

    I wish you luck!

    If I could I would, but I am diabetic and my Endocrinologist did not give me clearance.

    1. Thanks Lia! I still have a couple of weeks till my program starts and I want to enjoy food while I still can. i was wondering today, where you learned to cook? Did you get formal training? Your recipes leave me nostalgic and reminiscing of the food we used to have, growing up in the province.-happy

    2. Hi Happy,

      Sorry for the late reply, just got back from a trip. I learned how to cook from my Grandmother, she was known as an excellent hostess and can cook very well. Then I just watched cooking shows and read a lot of cookbooks, then eventually learned a lot from the internet.

    3. Thanks for the reply Lia! I read about your boracay trip, that boat ride would freakme out! Happy