Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Maundy Thursday

Every year, Sophie and I spend the Holy Week with my Ate and her family in Paranaque.

This time, my Kuya and Renzo, younger brother of Sophie were able to join us.

My Ate prepared what the kids liked.... two kinds of spaghetti - Red and White sauce


Roasted Chicken.

Max, the Siberian Husky, was salivating over our food.

I have never seen a fish like this before!

It had Chinese looking characters on its body!

I bet my Mom was super happy because we visited her at Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque after lunch.  We did not go out the SUV though because it was scorching hot.  Mom liked it when all her children and grandchildren were all together.  In a way, if a meteor struck us ... nobody will be left behind. LOL.

It was really super dooper hot that afternoon and Ate treated us for ice cream at Icebergs, Santana Grove.  I got my favorite Orange Ice cream

and the rest ordered ice cream with chocolate.
Oreo Sundae

Chocolate Milk Shake

Chocolate Sundae

for Renzo

We tried the Chili Cheese fries also.

When we got back to the house of my Ate... it was time to swim!!!

Gilly, Sophie, Renzo and Tita Lia!!!

Well .... more like, Tita watched the kids swim and not let Renzo drown!!!  Hahahaha.

It is nice when little kids start to have fun in the water


and eventually let go and enjoy themselves.

Our merienda... was Grilled Pan de Sal with Cheese from Pan de Manila ( I love that brand because it really is the best quick melt cheese out there.)

and french fries.

We did not sleep over anymore because the little boy had to go home and the Big Tita was getting ready for her next Holy Week activity.

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