Thursday, April 19, 2012

How did I lose 10 lbs. in one month?

I have been spending my days lately at Makati Medical Center, waiting an average of 6-7 hours per visit.  Just the other day, I went home at 2:00 a.m., YES... you got it right ... 2:00 am. By the time Dr. Eileen Manalo saw me, it was already 1:00 a.m.!!!  Then last week, I had to wait 7 hours for my allergy shots by Dr. Manuel Canlas.

Today, it was not too bad 2- 8 pm, at least I was able to go to 2 doctors.  I went to my diabetes doctor, Gia Wassmer and to Dr Manalo again.  I was weighed by the secretaries and ....they could not believe it!!! 

I lost 10 lbs. in one month!!!

How did that happen?  I really cannot recall what I did, what I ate ....  I checked my blog postings and discovered ......

I have been sick for the past couple of months... bad case of sore throat ... I could not swallow!!!!

Hahahahaha ... so the secret of losing 10 lbs. in one month is.....

NOT to eat at all!!!!


  1. are you sure the scale is working well. maybe it needs to be calibrated? hahaha...

  2. My goodness! 6-7 hour wait for the doctor! Makati Med needs to learn a lot about scheduling, time management and professionalism!

  3. @ Mona Hindi sira yung weighing scale! :P

    @ anonymous ... it was probably my fault I did not sign up earlier... but then I wanted to see the doctors because they are always going on trips often and I have to wait for several weeks before I see them again.

  4. hi lia! dr. canlas is my allergist and i really think he's worth waiting 6-7 hours for. actually, my hubby and i spend the waiting time window shopping or watching a movie in Glorietta and just come back after 4 hours or so! we joke nga na dr. canlas brought us closer together because of the time we spend together during our appointment! haha! :)

    1. Hi, Angel! Yes, the wait is super worth it! I just ask my helper to sign up for me at 8 in the morning, then call Vicky to ask if it is near my turn already.

  5. hi! i just want to ask how much is the consultation fee of dr. wassmer? and is she good? in explaining aand communicating with the patients? thanks!

  6. @Anonymous, I do not know how much because I use my Maxicare card for consultations. You may call her clinic and ask. 8931024.

    I like Dr. Wassmer because you can easily talk to her and she is soft spoken.