Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bounty From The Sea

Sherman and Jing celebrated their birthday (belated) last night and treated us to a sumptuous dinner at Dampa on Macapacal Ave. 

Lots of bounty from the sea!!!!

Several platters each of.....

Chili Crabs

Butter-Garlic Shrimps

Inihaw na Liempo



Grilled tuna Belly

Halaan soup

Green Mango Salad

Eggplant Salad

I could not give justice to all the food.  I just got a little of everything.

I have recently developed a sensitivity to shellfish.  I told Jing I can only eat grilled fish and liempo.... but of course I cheated a little.

Being the sour grape that I am .....

I told them I will do the marketing and will buy shrimps with soft skin!  It means, when you cook it, the skin will stick to the meat.  I also told them will get them crabs that are about to die LOL and that means... the meat is not sweet and when you crack them open ... you can barely pick the meat.  Hahahahahaha!

But they were smarter than me..... especially Mariger!!!  They did the marketing before I arrived!!!!

I was busy buying a cute little summer skirt in SM MOA.

We missed Celina though, she left for the US the other day.  She loves crab!!!!

Corry, Mona and Tita Cena brought cake from Contis... it is their new product, Chocolate Almond Sans Rival.

Thank you Jing and Sherman for letting us enjoy the bounty from the sea!!!!

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  1. i want i want i want!!! now i'm hungry...happy birthday again Jing!!!