Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jing!!!

Happy Birthday to .....

Mawi! = Maria Wilhelmina!!!  But only a few people are allowed to call her that.  Just me, Celine and Ompy!

The best mother of 2 little boys!

The very loving and supportive wife of Sherman!

To the most patient and helpful in-law her in-laws ever had!

To one of the most gracious ladies I have ever known!

To my eating partner in crime!

To my romance novel junkie addict!

To someone who hates Black Forest Cake and anything ube!

To the wittiest and dirtiest minded person among the 4 of us!

and especially .....

Happy Birthday to a best friend who is well loved by all her friends!



  1. awww, nice Lia :) Happy Happy Birthday Jing (oo nga pala, Wilhelmina!)...Kat

  2. Thank you so much Lia! Naiyak naman ako dyan. This is the best birthday gift ever. Love you Bababoo!:)

  3. dakila kang tunay, superwoman, kind hearted person i ever know. happy birthday! cheers!!!

  4. You are welcome, Mawi!!! See you in a bit!
    @Kat Thanks
    @Mona So true.

  5. Thank you Mona and Kat!:)

  6. Happy Birthday, Jing!

  7. Thank you Anonymous!:)

  8. hey jing... si sherman kaya si "anonymous?"