Thursday, March 15, 2012

Boracay ... my alternate reality.

I am so blessed for having Boracay as my alternate reality.  I always have a need to escape my busy and stressful life. (Pokerface.)  Hahahahahaha!  Busy????? Stressful???? Nahhh.. I do have a wonderful life, one that is filled with love and laughter... and let us not forget, filled with food!

I love Boracay! 

I guess everybody knows that by now.... my 10th visit to the beautiful island.  It was recently voted as the number 1 beach in Asia by Tripadvidor last March 9, 2012.  So why go somewhere else?  I do not even want to dip my foot in other bodies of water.

I was with Mona, Celine, who bought her ticket last Sunday - just the night before the trip and a Canadian couple, Michelle and  her friend, David.  We enjoyed the company of each other and of course, had heaps of fun.

My first Boracay meal was at Island Chicken Inasal.

I have always wanted to try the grilled chicken there but I never had the opportunity.  Finally!!!! 

It was different from your usual run of the mill inasal.

Also tried the Kansi.  It is a cross between Nilagang Bulalo and Sinigang.

Dipping sauces for the chicken

and kalamansi with chili and patis for the soup.

Another want-to-try was the Halowich ice cream. 

Lots of Korean tourists there all the time, I just got a small serving with fresh mangoes and a cherry on top.

We checked in at Milfores de Boracay after lunch. 

It is a small bed and breakfast place, just 9 rooms but big, 30 sqm. each with two queen sized beds.  My dream is to have my own B and B in Boracay.

While waiting for Celine to arrive, Mona and I ate our way along White Beach.  We had siomai, cheeseburger, boiled corn, balut and looked for my hotdog Manang.  She still remembered Lisa.

The best late afternoon activity in Boracay is to wait for the sunset.

I can modestly say, I take quite good pictures, especially of friends.

Let me ask you .... what is wrong with these pictures?????

Celine .... wow ... nice sunset shot.! Lia took this picture.

Another nice photo of Mona ... ahem ... am I a good photographer or what?

And .... wait for it .......

Lia! Lia??? Where is Lia??? Is that you, Lia????  Where is justice when you need it?!

Hahahahaha! I definitely did not take this photo.

Our dinner was at my favorite D Talipapa Paluto restaurant, Aquafresh (036-2881636 or 09993957035).

You may want to reserve a table in advance because sometimes they are full of tourists. 

Photo-op with the crew and staff, they know me by name now and they have read my blog!

We bought the seafood from the wet market and had it cooked.

Grilled Sea-Water Prawns

Grilled Squid, plain salted.

Butter-Garlic Scallops

Grilled Porkchop

Sinigang na Lapu-Lapu

Giant bottle of vinegar dipping sauce.

Fresh! Delicious! My shorts were a little loose before dinner but after, I could hardly breath! So full.

I did not have ice cream anymore at Aria, only Celine and Mona.

The accommodations came with free breakfast.

Beef Tapa

Aklan Longanisa

Daing na Bangus

Pork Tocino

I was ready to head to the beach!!!!  I bought a new swimdress from Marks.

LOL I looked like a Chinese or Korean tourist. 

Michele and David invited us to go island hopping and snorkeling with them but I said our favorite activity was to swim only in chest deep water.

It was a hot day and good thing we saw a stall selling soft serve ice cream!

Our late, late lunch was at Nagisa Coffee shop, my favorite Japanese Restaurant in Station 3.

Mixed Tempura.



Grilled Eggplant

They now have 2 pc. Ebi Tempura.

Ton-Ton, my favorite waiter, still remembered me from my previous visits.  I told him, I was not able eat at their restaurant when I went to Boracay last November and February because it was quite far.  He gave us lots and lots of peanuts!

The highlight of the day was our Sunset Paraw Sailing.

We were waiting for our Paraw ....

Red Pirates Paraw Sail Boat

Sunset photo taken while sailing.

The girls with the crew of the Red Pirates.

Hunky Island Boys!!!!!   Cougars!  Sheath your claws!   hahahahaha

Aria was our choice for dinner.

Pizza with Anchovies, seafood, parma, mushrooms and ham

I tried the Minestrone but I like my version better.

Foccacia - did not realize their bread was flat like pita

Aglio Olio with Chili

Homemade Black Fettucine with Creamy Seafood Sauce

Fish and Chips

Mango Cheesecake

Caramel Cheesecake

I have to learn how to take better pictures when the light is yellowish.

Our last day was so great because the sun was really out and the water was so clear! We even saw a school of black fish!   At first I thought it was a black coral, but upon further inspection by Celine and Michelle, they were little black fish!  Of course, I swam away from it.  Reason why I do not go snorkeling, I am afraid of fish and other sea creatures.  I only like to eat it.

Lunch at Nigi Nigi Too on our last day.

Seafood Platter

We all loved the crackers that went with the meal.  So yum!

We also ordered the Pancit Bihon


Salad Greens for Michelle and David.

They were offering me their salad but I said,  it is only for my diet days.

I did not want to go home yet, I was really enjoying myself.  I always feel that way when I am about to leave.  It does not matter if I stayed 3 or 4 or 5 days... the feeling of saying goodbye to my happy place was not a happy one.

Being in Boracay is like being in an alternate world for me.  I tend to forget everything else and I just live in the NOW.  I do not have to think of all my problems and what the future holds.   It really is an escape from reality.

Surreal??  Maybe .... but all I know is that when I am in Boracay I feel so happy and beautiful.

Life is beautiful.  Boracay is beautiful.  I AM beautiful. :)


  1. i enjoyed my stay in boracay. who would think this is my 3rd visit and im looking forward to my next this june. you are beautiful my friend inside and out.

  2. as always i drool about your food pics. i can teach you to adjust your yellowish photos, its the settings in your camera for white balance. let me know which camera you have.


  3. Hi Gina,

    Thanks! I will pm you the kind of camera I use.

    @Mona ... Thanks! LOL but is it not a little biased since you are my friend?

  4. Mona is right! You are beautiful! Inside and out! ;)

  5. I agree! A bit suwapang, but definitely beautiful!!=)

  6. @anonymous Thanks!

    @Michelle Hahahahaha Thanks! Quite true.

  7. We are not on white beach, so if you want to stay right in the middle of the action, i completely understand and there are plenty of hotel rooms there. White beach is awesome, but personally i choose to live in cohiba and just go down there when i want. We are just a 15 minute walk away or 5 minutes in our 24hr shuttle van from all the action.
    Boracay apartments

  8. Hi Johny,

    I will check out Cohiba next time I am in Boracay.