Sunday, February 12, 2012


PD invited me to have lunch at The House of Yabu in Megamall. 

I told her I am now a Pesco-Vegetarian, which means I can eat seafood, eggs and milk plus plant based food.  Coming from being a vegan, the pesco-vegetarian diet is a feast for me already.  I was only a vegan for 3 weeks but when Lisa and I were in Boracay, I noticed that I have a bald spot on my head as big as a 5 peso coin!!!  My Ate who is on Cohen had to go to a doctor because of excessive hair loss.  Lack of protein.

So, back to Yabu .... the place was packed and lots of people waiting outside to be seated.  We were there before noon so we did not have to wait long.

They gave me a small bowl with toasted sesame seeds which I ground with the mini pestle. 

Then I poured the tonkatsu sauce.

I ordered the Hiroshima Oyster set.  It came with rice, miso soup, fruits and unlimited serving of shredded cabbage.

I know I am not supposed to eat pork but  I was there already, I ordered 60 grams of Hire (pork tenderloin).

Since they made me wait so long for my order because they made a mistake, they gave me a complimentary Lava cake with vanilla ice cream.  I did not finish though because it was too sweet.

They were very nice and apologetic for the mix up.

PD would always introduce me to delicious but sinful stuff.  We ordered the Gong Cha Milk Wintermelon Tea.

Heavenly!!! Divine!!!! YUM!!!  I cannot drink this often though.  An occasional treat, maybe.

I hope this new diet would do wonders for me.  Wish me luck!!!  No more meat except when in Cebu! :)


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