Friday, February 10, 2012

Sinful in Cebu!

I have never committed so much sin in one day!!!  From being a vegan for three weeks to being a carnivore in one day!!!!  I even included Lisa and Mona in my transgressions!

As soon as we landed in Cebu, I immediately called CNT  (032-233539) to reserve one kilo of ribs.

It is my most favorite part of the Lechon.  Good thing I did! When we got to their Juan Luna Extension Avenue branch across SM Cebu, there was no more lechon!  The other customers had to wait for the next delivery.  Two were delivered but was sold out in a flash.

People ordered 13 kilos, 9 kilos, 5 kilos, etc. 

We also ordered Puso, it is rice cooked in leaves. 

It tasted like suman though, I prefer the ordinary rice.

As everybody can see .... I was a happy camper! 

Lechon for breakfast at 9:30 in the morning.

I just nibbled on all the ribs and look at the aftermath...

We crossed the big street to go to SM Cebu and checked out their mall.  Did our pasalubong shopping in their supermarket.  We met with Aling Posing, the Chicharon lady, when she delivered my orders. 

10 packs but not all for me!  Lisa got 3, 1 for Mona, Celine ordered 3 bags and the rest was pasalubong for  my Ate, PD and of course one for Lia.

I let Lisa try the Barbecue flavored french fries of Potato Corner. 

LOL  I actually got lost and could not find them but I saw the stall and ordered one for myself.  I called them up to meet with me at the Potato Corner place.

I was looking at my watch at 12 noon and asked if they were hungry and ready for lunch, they said, No.

Ok.... I can understand that since we had a late breakfast.

I asked again at 1:00 pm and they said they were still not hungry.  Hmmmmmm.....

We went to the Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino.

Then to the Magellan Cross.  It was my first time to visit the place.  So, I had my picture taken there, so did my friends.  Now that I have a picture ..... so what????

LOL  The experience felt like someone was talking to me in another language.  I could not relate.  That is why I do not do the touristy sight seeing activities.  Because I just do not get it.  My interests lay somewhere else.  Hahahahaha. I think everybody knows what my interests are.

It was already 2:00 pm and I asked Lisa and Mona if they were hungry already.  Still, NO?!!??!!!!

They went shopping in this little side street near the cross.

By 2:30 PM I already declared it was time to eat lunch!!!! 

We went to Kusina Uno. 

It is a fairly new place on the 2/F of GND Bldg. F. Cabahug St.  I thought it was an air-conditioned restaurant but it was just a verandah, super airy and fresh cool air would circulate so it was not really an inconvenience.

We ordered the Chicharon Bulakalak.

OMG! It was so good! Very crunchy and not gummy like the other Chicharon Bulaklak I have eaten. I told them it was like eating hostia!  Remember the texture of the hostia?  That was how it felt in my mouth.  So lightweight and not weighed down by grease.

Beef Pochero is actually what we call Bulalo here in Luzon.  We told the waiter that we came all the way from Manila to try their Beef Pochero and if he could please get us one with the marrow.

When the big bowl of soup arrived we were so excited! 

I took several pictures of course, LOL, much to the dismay of my friends who said were not hungry yet! Hahahaha!

I was in Bulalo Heaven!  There is really a God!  The broth tasted so clean and flavorful.  The chunk of meat was really big.  The utak was deadly.

We were given a popsicle stick to scoop out the marrow.   I was really bad... I poured hot soup inside the cavity of the marrow and drank it like a shot of Tequila.

There was a surprise underneath the shank.  There was another bone with marrow and Mona gave it to me!  Sinful! Buttery! Artery clogging marrow!!!!!!  All for me!!!!!

Bulalo with calamansi, patis and sili!!!

I was ready to die and go straight to heaven.

NOT!  Hahahahahaha.  Jing said Mariger already reserved 4 seats for us (Jing, Mariger, Lia and Celine) in you know where.

If I am given a choice to eat CNT Lechon or Beef Pochero from Kusina Uno.  I would choose the latter.

Food was so good I drank a can of soda!

Last drink I had was September 27, 2009.

AHHHHHH... I am salivating as I am writing this post.

The serving was too much for 3 people.  I did not want to leave it so I told the waiter to pack it well because I was taking it home to Manila! I even had to buy a plastic container in SM.

We also ordered Pancit Bam-i but we barely touched it because we were enjoying the Chicharon Bulaklak and Beef Pochero.

We needed something to wash down all the grease blocking our arteries so we headed to Zubuchon to drink their Kamias Shake.

Even if I wanted to order another round of Lechon, I could not anymore because I was really so full!  Too bad, it was just delivered and looked so YUM!

Lisa and Mona said we were not going to eat dinner anymore.  WHAT?????!?!?!?!!

We just went back to SM to get our stuff from the package counter, then to CNT to pick up the Lechon Lisa reserved for her family and headed back to the airport by 6:00 pm.

Hello???? Reason why I booked a 9:40 pm flight was to have enough time for dinner!  But they were truly so stuffed.  LOL Next time, I have to go Cebu with people whose appetite is the same as mine.  Hahahaha!

It was an enjoyable day.  Lisa and Mona had fun.  We were all so tired because we woke up at 4:30 in the morning but so super worth it.

Now that I have confessed my sins.... I feel so much better and will start my penance soon.

HAHAHAHAHA  Is it not sometimes when you do something bad you feel guilty about it for a while but then since you super enjoyed yourself that it does not matter anymore?


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    1. Hi! Dont be sad. Im back to my vegan diet today.

  2. so when are we having our diabetics lunch?:)Pwede na rin siguro and vegan diet.