Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dear Lisa......

You are probably up in the air right now as I write this post, on your way home to your 2 kids, Chloe and Bandit.  I am so sure they missed you dearly!  Please let me know how they greeted you upon entering your front door and if they will follow you around the house all day and night.

I am very glad you were able to come home for a visit! The first time I saw you after 3 years was at our homecoming.

Were you not happy to see your old schoolmates, teachers and friends?  Hehehehehehe.

I super enjoyed our Boracay trip!

I think all we did was eat, eat, and eat

and use the you know what!   Hahahahaha!

Oh my friend .... I love your sense of humor!

You insisted I take this photo of you.  Hahahahahaha.  You love to shock me but I do not get shocked easily.

I know you are all Royaled-out ... but who would not be??

You were chugging 1.5 liters of Royal True Orange most of the time!

We did not have enough time to go around the malls and shop but we had time to go to Landmark once and you had your first Puto BumBong at Cafe Via Mare.

I cannot believe you have never eaten it before!!!!  Wow! I am so ahead of you in terms of food here in Manila.  I regret I was not able to let you taste the Buko Sherbet of Arce.  You would have liked it.

I also enjoyed our Cebu day trip. Well ... not the part where you and Mona were so full and did not have space in your stomachs for dinner!!!

You just had to shop everywhere ..... even in the little side street in Cebu.

Good thing you had time for a picnic under the tree behind the Main Library of UP Diliman with a few of our classmates, Marianne, Catherine and Jopet.

Beachouse Canteen is known for their Pork Barbecue which they featured in TFC, that was why you wanted to eat there.

We also let you try the siopao and mami at Masuki (Ma Mon Luk group).

Lisa! Even if this was the longest vacation you have ever taken, it was not enough!  There were still a lot of places I wanted to take you, still a lot of my recipes you have yet to try and I wanted to spend more time with you.

My friends, Jing, Mariger and Mayette enjoyed your company as well.  On your next visit, we will go to Bataan with my BFFs. Hopefully, Celine will be able to join us.

Promise that you will come home again soon! We will go back to Boracay, ok?  And Cebu also? Next time leave space in your stomach for the Barbecue, ok?

You have no idea how happy you have made me.

Thank you so much! I will miss you!!!!

Hahahahahaha OK enough of the tear jerker ... let us lose weight together!!!!

Hugs and kisses .....



  1. Awww... So sweet Li! Also was glad I got to see Lisa even for just a few hours. You two crack us up... Cath and I enjoyed watching and listening to you two. Golden Girls reborn! :)

    PS can I also go with you to wherever you two are going on Lisa's next visit? ;)

    - Marianne

  2. Hi Marianne! Lisa and I enjoyed our picnic with you, Cath and Jopet!

    I hope Lisa can come home again for a visit soon!