Sunday, February 19, 2012

Confirmation Day of Sophie

I am the Ninang of Sophie for her Confirmation.  I never realized I was also her Godmother when she was baptized.  I have always been Tata to the kids and she never called me Ninang.

Funny story .... the night before, she went to my house and said: Tata, you cannot wear anything revealing or spaghetti strap tomorrow!

Hahahahaha! She was so afraid I might just do that.  Good thing I found in my baul a Sunday dress... so .... Whew!!!  

See? I looked like a respectable Godmother! 

Sohpie with my Kuya and her Mom.

We just had a simple celebration at Chilis, Rockwell.

Burger Slammers

Chicken Tenders

Beef Fajitas

and ......   wait for it .......

Ninang only had vegetable soup


salad of the day!!!!

I started my diet yesterday.

After lunch, everybody was so tired and sleepy because we had to wake up early for the mass.

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