Saturday, February 4, 2012

Boracay with Lisa

My BFF, Lisa,  from Long Island, New York is here in the Philippines for a visit!

The last time I saw her was in 2008 and I told her she has to go to Boracay! It is a MUST!  It was recently voted by Tripadvisor as the Second Best Beach of the World, so, as early as August, I already booked our trip to paradise ... my Happy Place.

After checking in at our hotel, Willy's Beach Club Hotel, we immediately went to Puka Beach.

I wanted to show her one of CNN's Top 50 Beaches of the World.

Beautiful .... it did not disappoint.

Lunch was supposed to be at Puka Grande Restaurant but they were closed for the day because they were preparing for a wedding.

We went to Tesabel Ihaw-Ihaw instead.

I read about it in some of the blogs.


Just had the Grilled Liempo

and Garlic Butter Prawns with Honey.

The rest of the afternoon was spent swimming and sunbathing, playing with Lisa's iphone

and improper ogling. HAHAHAHA!

There was this Asian guy who started doing incredible yoga stretching exercises.

I was able to take a few pictures, there was also this funny and silly Caucasian who was copying him.

I ordered Pancit Bam-i at 3:30 pm.  It arrived at our table at 4:04 and by 4:10, it was gone already!

LOL Very small serving for two very hungry people.

A famous late afternoon activity in Boracay in Sunset watching and drinking fruit shakes from Jonah's.  (Forgot to take a pic of the drink.)

Dinner was at the nearby Obama Grill.

I let Lisa try the Sinigang na Baboy.

She said it was really good.

I had the Grilled Blue Marlin.

Even if I am off my vegan diet, I still opted to choose the fish over the meat.

We also ordered Adobong Kang Kong.

Sorry the picture was a bit blurry.  LOL  I was hungry already.

Cheesy Boracay shots .....  Hehehehehe  Should not miss it for the world!

We passed by the night spots on the way back to the hotel.  It was still a bit early to go clubbing, though.

There was Guilly's Island which cater to a younger clientele

and Club Paraw, the crowd was a bit older than Guilly's.

Breakfast buffet at the hotel was a simple affair and yet I had a few favorites.

Day 1

Day 2

I brought Lisa to D Talipapa... we bought seafood and liempo from the market and had it cooked at Aquafesh.

The waiters remembered me from my previous visits.  They said, Si Maam!!!  Andito ulit si Maam!!! 

Lisa only wanted simple island food not masked by the sauce.

Inihaw na Liempo

Inihaw na Pusit.

We did not get the lumot because that is rubbery when you grill it.

I bought a small Lapu-Lapu and had it grilled.

We also had Steamed Prawns from the sea, not from the prawn farm.

Lisa ordered Kangkong with garlic also.

Cannot eat without the sawsawan. (Dipping sauce)

We were so stuffed!

We told the waiters we would come back for dinner to eat crabs because we did not have space in our stomachs anymore..  They were so impressed with Lisa because I finished eating long before she did and she was still at it! LOL

We bought Bibingka from Andoks and ate it in our room.

I forgot to take a picture, when I remembered, I already polished off a quarter of  the Bibingka.

There were many interesting things we saw while walking along White Beach....

An island boy skim boarding ....

People playing frisbee....

Ohhh a cute guy blocked my shot as I was taking a picture of the exterior of our hotel....

A European couple on the sun lounger.....

Hehehehe  See?  I told you I could wear a two piece bikini and nobody would mind....

Lia in her string bikini ... hahahahahahahahaha!

Can you see me??? Hahahaha!

Merienda was a nice stroll along the stretch of  White Beach.

We ate grilled Jumbo Hotdog..... Lisa said she has not eaten Purefoods Hotdog in years!!!

Calamansi Muffin from Real Coffee....

...bought our favorite green mangoes with bagoong from Manong which we ate in the room as a midnight snack.

One for each of us because Lisa did not want to share!

Hahahahaha! The night before, we only bought 1 mango and the next day, she told me I better get my own!  The bagoong was to die for!

I even bought Balut but it was too gross to show the chick.  It was so small and tasty, I did not have a hard time swallowing it.
When we reached our destination, which was D Talipapa again, we bought 1 kilo of crabs and had it steamed.

The waiters at Aquafresh were so nice because even if they were packed with Chinese and Korean tourists, they set up a very small table for us.

We had a choice either to go clubbing, stroll along the stretch of White Beach or hang out in the room.  We decided to just chill out in the room, have a midnight snack, catch up on old times and ..... turn in early for the night.

Our last day was a bit short ... well not really because the usual check out time is 12 noon, but I did not want to leave yet.  Lisa told me to rebook our flight so we could stay one more night but I told her I still have a lot of things to do the next day and did not want to infringe on the time with her family..   I also told her it does not matter if I stay 3 or 4 or 5 days, it would always never be enough.

I still do not know why I love Boracay so much, even Lisa liked it and said we will come back again on her next visit.  This was my 9th trip to the island . I am going back next Month and in June, I cannot wait anymore.

I am very glad Lisa enjoyed our short trip to my Happy Place.   I wanted to spend more time with her in paradise but alas ..... cannot be.

Until your next visit, Bru!!!!

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