Saturday, January 14, 2012

I almost gave in

I am on my 11th day of Low-fat Vegan diet and I am going crazy. I almost gave in to my weakness this morning and I survived and did not cheat.  My Kuya asked me to buy 2 trays of dimsum in Rockwell, there is  Chinese Food Fair at the concourse level.  I almost, almost, almost popped in one piece of Hakaw.

I promised myself I will do this 21 day vegan diet, so people will not say that I cannot finish anything.  After that said period, I do not know if I will continue or not.  Will do another blood test again so I can check if my numbers really went down.

I just made Steamed Tofu with Shitake Mushrooms for dinner.  Not as exciting as I wanted it to be. 

 Oh God! I am just holding on by a very thin thread.  LOL  I better go to sleep at 8:00 pm  hahahaha.

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