Friday, December 16, 2011

Mayon Volcano

How many shots of the volcano can a person take?

I was in Legazpi City again for a very brief business trip.  I did not have much on my food itinerary but I just wanted to go back to some of the places I have been to last week and try other food stuff.

The first place I went to was  Waway's.  I was so excited, I said to myself, this time I will be early so they will not run out of Bicol Express.  Surprise! Surprise! The restaurant was closed for the day because there was a private party. GRRRRRR!!!!!

I rode the jeepney, yes...... I know how to ride the jeepney in Legazpi... and went to Pacific Mall.

1st Colonial Grill

I ordered the Pinangat na Gabi from Camalig.

I wanted to bring home frozen pinangat but the waiter said it can only last up to 2 hours.

Honey Soy Chicken with Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls.

YUM!  It was lumpiang ubod with other veggies.

Of course, I had to eat my favorite Sili Ice Cream! This time, I ordered the Sili, Kalamansi and Coffee.

As usual, it did not disappoint.

I went back to my hotel at the Embarcadero de Legazpi at around 1:00 pm, took a quick shower and went to sleep.  I took the 6:05 am Cebu Pacific flight to attend the 8:30 am appointment, so you can imagine what time I had to get up.

When I woke up, I thought it was late afternoon already but when I looked at my watch it was only 2:08 pm.  I had to call and ask Mona what time it was, I thought my watch was not working.  She said it was only 2:10!!!  I was dying of boredom.  I did not know what to do.

I texted my Kuya and told him, Kuya! I am so bored, what can I do?   He replied, take a picture of Mayon Volcano!

Hahahahahahaha! But I already have several pictures, in different angles!

My lifeline was Marianne, we were texting each other and told her my problem.  She patiently kept me sane.  Thank you!

I decided not to be defeated by boredom.  The happiness of a person depends on his/herself. So I dressed up and went to the city center.  I rode the e-jeepney!!!

I walked around the city, checked out the bakeries and small stores, imagine they have shoes for only 39 pesos?!?!?! 

The view of the Mayon Volcano from the center of the city.

I was scheduled to have dinner at St. Ellis Hotel but since I was already in the area, I changed my plans and thought to have the Ellis Burger for merienda.

Lo and Behold!  The waiter told me they were out of stock!  I texted my lifeline again and said: Marianne! I think I have a balat! They ran out of the Ellis Angus Burger!!!!!

I ordered the Pili Cheesecake instead.

It was delicious!  I did not expect it to be good but it was.  I stayed in the hotel coffee shop the whole afternoon and read The Star from cover to cover.  LOL That was how I bored I was! I do not even read the newspapers here in Manila.

When I got the bill, the waiter asked me if I was checked-in guest, I said no, but I was in Legazpi for business and that my name is Imperial.

Hahahahaha! Literally, the doors opened.  He asked me then if I wanted to check out their rooms for my next visit and I said, yes.

Hotel St. Ellis

De Luxe Room

I heard mass at St. Raphael Church which is just a few meters away from the hotel.  I prayed for something and that same night, it was answered!  How scary God can be at times.  When you think He does not listen to your prayers, He really does but will give you the answer in his own way.

I was trying to decide where to eat for dinner... at Gasthoff or Graceland which is just across the church.  It started to rain so the answer was just in front of me.

I had the Fried Chicken and nuclear orange Spaghetti!!!

I went around the LCC Mall.  A big mall compared to the other malls in the city.  It is also across the building we own in Legazpi.

I turned in early for the night because it was a very tiring day.

I woke up very late the next day.  I only had time to buy Pili for Tita Cena and have lunch at Waway's, praying that this time, I will be able to order the elusive Bicol Express!


Yes!!!!!!!!!!  I was the very first customer!  Finally .....

Bicol Express - touted to be the best in Legazpi.

It had red and green chili peppers.  It was spicy but nothing I could not handle.  I did not even have to drink water for every spoonful.  I realized that the real Bicol Express is dry.  Whenever I make mine, it has too much coconut milk or I did not simmer it long enough. 

Chicharon Bulaklak

YUM!!! So crunchy! Paper thin  flowers.  Hahahahaha.

I also tried the Bistek.

The meat was so tender!  And I saw bits of garlic!  A new twist to the normal Filipino Beefsteak which only has onions.  And I loved the fact that I can taste the kalamansi.

Confession time ..... I ordered two servings of rice!!!!

I had to hurry back to the hotel to check out but I had one last stop.

Sili Ice Cream!!!!!!!  With Melon and Tinotong Ice Cream.  Tinotong is roasted rice.

I could not wait to go home.

Took several more shots of Mayon Volcano.

So .... my question is ..... How many shots of Mayon Volcano can a person take?