Tuesday, December 6, 2011

KST Christmas Party

A few months ago, Mona and I were invited by Barangay Bel-Air to join the Kabalikat Sa Tahanan (KST) program as facilitators.  It is a 5-month program geared to help and uplift the moral and spiritual being of the household helpers and also to improve the basic skills needed in their jobs.

The Christmas party  was held at the Phoenix Room, Bel-Air Park catered by Tita Linda Floro, owner of Buon Giorno!  

The crackers were freshly baked! So flaky and at the same time, melts in the mouth




The best tasting Apple Strudel!!!  


  1. Hi Lia ! I admire you for posting all these! i fondly remember all the wonderfully delicious and delightful creations Tita Linda Floro made for us on this very special evening last Christmas! Thank you for being a great Kst facilitator!

  2. Hi Aileen! Finally, you were able to post your comment! Ahhhh yes! All the wonderful delicious food of KST!