Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Birthday PD!!!

We all call Tita Portia, PD.  When my nephew, Nicky, was 2 years old, Tita Portia was teaching him to say PRETTY but it came out as PD, so she got stuck with the nickname.  Even my friends call her PD.

I am so super backlogged with my postings because I have been very busy.  December 23 is the birthday of PD, my Kuya Raul and it was also the birthday of my Mom.

For several years in a row, PD has been celebrating her birthday lunch with our senior friends with whom we meet for lunch every month plus a few of her other close friends. 

The menu would vary at times but more often than not, she always asks me to cook:

Baked Tahong

Chicken and Pork Puchero


Eggplant Sauce

Lechon Kawali

I experimented with Buko Lychee Delight, a recipe I got from her friend but I think it did not turn out the way it should be, but they said it tasted good just the same.

There was a new addition to the group and she brought the most delicious Macaroni Salad!  Her secret was the homemade mayonnaise made with Olive oil.  I will try to make it one of these days.

It is already a bonus when seniors celebrate their birthdays each year.  I pray that there will be more to come!!!!

Happy Birthday PD!!!


  1. Ah! What a drooling post! I couldn’t take my eyes off the food, it looked yum! Can you also drop down some of the recipes if possible? I would love to surprise my sister on her baby shower. I have even booked one of the beautiful Los Angeles event venues for her. I want to make it more special.

    1. Hello Drew. Most of the recipes are in this blog. You can try tapping on the highlighted link for the recipes.
      Thanks for dropping by!