Monday, December 5, 2011


Mayette invited Mona and I to their annual Clinic Christmas Party!

My very first for this season.  I asked her what should I bring, pasta or baked goods. She said there will be pasta already.  She also said I did not need to bring anything anymore since it will be held at their house in Pasig.  But I told her, I have to bring something because I might eat a lot!  Hahahaha.  At least, if I contribute Chocolate Chip Cookies, I would not feel embarrassed if I go back for 2nd or 3rd servings!

It was a potluck affair and all the doctors brought delicious food!

Tita Letty said that we could have had an executive check up right there and then because of the number of doctors present in different areas of specializations.  I was in Doctor heaven!   If it was not bad manners to ask about my different conditions, I would have asked.  But it was a social setting so I did not.

Let me recall all the yummy food.

Chicken Pastel

Sweet Chili Shrimps

Pork BBQ

Beef with Mushrooms

Potato Salad

Stuffed Squid

Kare Kare

Grilled Tilapia

Linguine Amatriciana

Puto with Cheese

Puto Bumbong

Ube Halaya

Fruit Salad

After dinner, Joy, the sister of Mayette, invited us to her house (same compound) for tea and some snacks.

She has Garett Popcorn from Singapore!

It was also my first time to eat miniature apples!

They looked like toys!

I enjoyed all the delicious food tonight!  On our way home, Mona and I had to undo the buttons and zippers of our jeans! Hahahahaha.  That is what we get for gatecrashing!

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