Monday, December 19, 2011

Chicharon Kare Kare

Sinful! Decadent! Scary! Delicious!  I am running out of superlatives to describe my accidental discovery of this ultimate heart-stopping dish, Chicharon Kare Kare.

My sister cooked Kare Kare today and I told Celine who is my house guest that I also want to cook the same.  I do not like tripe, ox feet nor ox tail so I just bought knee cap and pork pata in Rustan's.  Of course, I always make my Kare Kare from scratch, meaning I had to roast the raw peanuts, toast the rice and grind them.

I really love this dish even though I only like the sauce and the boiled vegetables.  Celine asked if she can have some of my precious chicharon from Cebu.

Aling Posing and I are textmates already!  She delivered my deadly chicharon at Marriot Hotel, Cebu and asked my friend, Jodie, to bring it home for me.

Maybe I can be her distributor in Manila?

Celine ate the chicharon with rice and I told her I will experiment with it.  I drizzled the sauce over the crispy rind .... and....WOW!!!!  YUM!!!!  The taste was indescribable.... Hahahaha ... well for me it was.

I wish I can let everybody taste my  SIN!  LOL


  1. wow!!! heavenly! i want to get close to God. when can i try your sinful kare kare?

  2. Hahaha! Loka loka Mona. I love it lia. QWish I was there.

  3. I was looking for a restaurant review and stumbled on your blog. Posing's is the best! Discovered it this year after a trip to Cebu. Very crunchy and it tastes so fresh with no aftertaste. Really good. Please be the Manila distributor!

  4. Hi cheeseheadeat sushi.... I will see what I can do about being the distributor of Posing.