Monday, November 28, 2011

Stoops Bagnet Ilocos

Mayette, Celine and I had a quick lunch at this small hole in the wall place called, Stoops Bagnet Ilocos, The Zone, Makati.  It is very difficult to find a parking space in this area so we  took advantage today.

I love the Bagoong Ilocos!!!

I have been asking them if I can buy ever since we discovered the place last year but they said it was not for sale until recently. Yay!!!  I bought a bottle for only 38 pesos.  You have to add kalamansi to enjoy it, I was sipping it like soup!!!!  I cannot wait to cook something that will need a Bagoong Sauce.

Mayette ordered the Bagnet with KBL (Kamatis, Bagoong and Lasuna = shallots) (P88)

Celine got the Bagnet with KKB (Kamatis, Talbos ng Kamote and Bagoong) (P88)

I ordered the Boneless Bangus Belly (P88)

Everything was so perfect with the Bagoong Sauce! 

Surprise! Surprise! I did not eat pork today.  Because tomorrow I will definitely eat PORK!!!!

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