Monday, November 7, 2011


I have perfected the Prawns with Red Egg Yolk Sauce!  I still had left over curry leaves from my Asian dinner so I decided to make another batch.  Just bought my prawns from Rustans, Rockwell, almost double the price compared to Farmers, Cubao.  Good thing I only got about 300 grams.

It was so creamy  and YUMMMMM!!!!!

I think one of the secrets of a perfect Prawns/Crabs in Red Egg Yolk Sauce is the red egg itself.  When I bought in Cubao, I was a little surprised because it was more expensive than your usual red egg.... but ohhh my.... when I sliced it open, it was dripping in oil and the color was fiery orange compared to the ordinary red egg you can buy in the market or grocery.  So, it was worth it.

I was also able to buy Knorr Chicken Powder from the supermarket.

And another perfect recipe ......

Hahahahahaha   ... I do not know if you can call it a recipe but I know how to cook rice already!!!!  More or less ..... I still have to practice a lot.   I can cook around 200 or more dishes but not rice.

Last week, I asked Jing to check the rice in the rice cooker, she said it needed more water because the top part was still crunchy.  In my 2nd experiment, it had to much water!!! Hermie said it was lugaw!  Then last night, it was almost perfect!!!  HAHAHAHA  Well .... the center was still a bit pasty .... like what one would use in the panaderia to seal the edges of the paper bag for the bread.

So.... last night was Perfect and almost perfect!

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