Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long time ... No see!!!!

I have not seen my Ate and her family for almost the whole month of October.  I have been sick and busy last month plus she and her family traveled to China for a week.

I always serve them their favorite food, Bulalo Soup and Inihaw.

My inihaw recipe is sooooo simple and yet it tastes so different from the other recipes.

Plus.... you only marinate it for 1 hour before grilling.  I always choose thinly sliced belly grill cut.  Thicker cuts of liempo will take longer to cook, ergo, tougher meat.

The favorite of my niece, Gilly, my Bulalo Soup.

I was so surprised the meat from Rustans, Rockwell was really tender, marshmallow tender.

I asked Hermie to buy fresh Tilapia from the market but they did not touch it.

So ... Yay! I have lunch tomorrow!

Ate brought home Roasted Duck from Beijing.

It was vacuum packed and I heated it in the microwave.  It was like duck ham.   I kept the leftover and will make sotanghon soup.

My family only likes simple food.  The more elaborate it is... the more they will not like it.  That is why I am glad when my friends come over, I can experiment.

Tita Portia brought Belgian Chocolate covered dried mangoes from Cebu.

A pasalubong by one of her students.  It was something different and at least it was not too sweet for me.

Too bad Kuya and Sophie were not able to join us because it was their dentist and hair cut day for my little nephew, Renzo.  

I will not see them again next weekend... so another long time till I see them again!

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