Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Long Holiday

I am very glad that my obligations to my dear departed family  have been fulfilled several days ago.  Which gave me a free day to go around the metropolis!!!   I even drove in EDSA!!!   Hahahaha I only have the courage to do that every All Saint's Day.

My friends and I visited our college classmate, Jona, in Discovery Suites.  She is from NY but is starting a business here in the Philippines.  I promised to cook Kare Kare and Adobo for her.



We all enjoyed ourselves and so full after the meal that the zipper of my shorts went down by itself! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

We went around Greenhills after lunch and we tried the Barquillos Ice Cream.  Got the tip from Celine.

Interesting idea, we always eat our ice cream with barquillos, why not fill it with ice cream?!?!?!

I went to Glorietta in the evening because I forgot to get my package from the SM supermarket check-in counter last night!!! I really am so forgetful.  Since I was already in the area, I tried something new from  Gong Cha.

Gong Cha Milk Winternelon Tea

Ummm .... after taking a sip, the first thing that came into my mind was "kundol".  Isn't wintermelon the same family as kundol?  But when you mix the cream with the tea, the taste improved.  I still like Happy Lemon.

Yesterday, Jing and I had BACONATOR from Wendy's.

 We only split in one order because it was shown in pictures as something quite humongous!!!

But when we opened the foil wrapper, it was so small.  We thought we would get hungry immediately but surprisingly, we did not!  The sandwich had 3 quarter pounder patties and 3 bacon strips with mushroom and cheese sauce!!!

It was a long holiday but fun filled with activities and lots and lots of food.

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