Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat!

It was the Annual Trick or Treat event in Bel-Air.

LOTSSSSS of kids attended the affair.  I accompanied my friend, Jing, and her two sons.

Jing's son, Michael, in his Bumblebee costume.

Jing's son, James, in his Indiana Jones costume.

My niece Sophie and nephew Renzo were the early birds.

Ate Sophie in her Madhatter costume and Renzo in his Spiderman costume.

They were at the park at 1:00 pm when the "show" started. The trick or treating began at about 5 :00 pm!!! Good thing Jing, her sons and I got to the park at 3:00 pm or else it would have been a hot and boring afternoon.  LOL  Of course, boring for the adults and not for the kids.

There were many contests and guests: acrobats, fire dancers, magicians and a whole lot more I did not pay attention to.

All the registrants got food chits: free cotton candy, hotdog, siopao, siomai, bbq, french fries and ice cream. 

When it was candy gathering time....

I regret not bringing a pumpkin pail.

I used the mask of Michael to collect candies.

I only got Mentos from one house.

Kids got very tired because they had to walk from street to street.

Michael was really beat.

Jing had to carry her son.

Ahhhh the love of a mother for her child.  I do not think I will be a good mother.  Hahahaha I was so grateful this afternoon that I do not have a child...  just a little boy with 4 legs.

When the kids got home, Tita Lia levied taxes on them.  Hahahaha  I asked candies from the boys and they willingly gave me the ones they did not like.

Our post trick or treat snack was at Mc Donald's and I had fried chicken, rice and fries.

My inner piglet came out after our snacks because I went to Pancake House to eat spaghetti!!!

I do not know why but whenever I eat sweet children's style spaghetti, I cut the noodles into little pieces.  LOL  I know it is bad manners but there is nothing like eating sweet spaghetti the way a kid eats it!

My favorite dessert in Pancake House is Bacon Waffle.

I always tell the waiter to instruct the cook to make the bacon crispy first before adding to the waffle.  It happened already several times that they put a soggy bacon in the waffle. YUCK!

I drizzled a lot of syrup!

I know, I know it is bad for me but there is no other way to eat it but drown it in sickly sweet syrup!!!!

I also tried a new Happy Lemon Milk Tea today, I added pudding.

I did not like it so much because it tasted like leche flan with no sweetness.  Will still stick to my original Happy Lemon Milk Tea with Black Pearls and Puff cream and the ever favorite Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese.

Speaking of Cocoa ....  I know I am being bad but the girl in front of me ordered "Kok-wa"!!!  I could not help telling all my FB friends about it.  Then when she got their order, which was several glasses of different drinks, she said, one of the Milk Tea concoctions tasted like "Sampaguita"!!!   For those who are really not into Milk Tea which I think is an acquired taste, the first sip would normally taste like "surot"  Hahahahahha.   That is just me ..... being naughty.

Trick or Treat!!!!!

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