Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Wriggly!

My little boy, Wriggly, turned 13 years old today and his litter mate, Kuya Sylvester or better known as Kuya Silver.  We had a little party together with his Ninang Celina and other Titas.

Ninang Celina got a Costa Brava cake for Wriggly.  It is the favorite flavor of his Mama.

Ninang Celina loves Wriggly.

Ninang also bought special lengua de gato.

 Tita Jing brought pan de sal for Wriggly and pork barbecue.

Tita Mona brought Beef Mechado!

I cooked Molo Soup.  YUMMMM they all said it was really good.

Wriggly and his guests.

Wriggly enjoying his cake.

Happy Birthday to my darling baby boy!!!! 


  1. Happy bday Wriggly, Lia you are such a good Mom. Sheriff would have been best friends with him. Cherish each moment. It's remarkable how he resembles my Sheriff, one day we will see each other again. Happy eats Wriggly.