Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goi Cuon Obsession

I have been researching for several days now how to make Goi Cuon - Fresh Vietnamese Summer Rolls because I will be having an Asian Dinner with a few friends next week.  I had to go to several Vietnamese restaurants to make sure I know how it tastes.  Sure, I have eaten it before but I cannot remember. Hahahahaha Meaning, it was not good or not my type of food.

My first foray into the Vietnamese cuisine was at Pho24 in Rockwell.  I ordered the fresh vegetable rolls.

They did not have peanut sauce, so I had to order from Banana Leaf (sister company) the satay sauce.

I added hoisin and chili sauce to it.

My second Vietnamese adventure was at Ba Nois in Perea St. today. (My apostrophe key is not working.)

Their Goi Cuon

came with peanut sauce,

again, I added hoisin and chili.

Since I was parked in Greenbelt 5, I went to Pho Hoa and tried their version.

I had to add hoisin and chili to their peanut sauce also.

I am really not sure how the authentic Vietnamese Summer Rolls should taste. I find it too bland, maybe they really are?  And the secret is just in the dipping sauce?

 I am about to experiment soon and I hope it tastes better than the ones I have tried from 3 restaurants.   My neighbor, Tita Linda Floro, makes very good Goi Cuon, I am still waiting for her costing in case my version is not successful, my friends and I will just order from her.

Wish me luck!!! 

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