Thursday, October 20, 2011

Girls Day Out in Cebu

Marianne, Catherine, Candy and I spent a day in Cebu to eat!  We have been looking forward for this gluttonous trip for weeks! Hahhaha!  Marianne even said we can not wear anything with buttons, zippers or garters  that might constrict our stomachs!  I bought a tent dress for this outing but then, my thighs will rub against each other so I thought I would be more comfortable  with shorts!

Our first stop was at Zubuchon.

It is a new place opened by Market Man.  He has an interesting menu and very easy on the budget.

  Lots of frozen take away.

Catherine brought home Zubuchon chicharon for pasalubong.

Our next food stop was at La Marea at Crossroads, Banilad.

Since we were still so full from lunch we just shared an order of Frozen Green Tea Mochi

and Warm Brownie Cup.

Lava-cake like brownies topped with vanilla ice cream.

We went to this little residential resto called Ateks so I could try the Ngohong lumpia.

It tasted like fried lumpiang ubod with five spice powder.

The best part was the dipping chili sauce which was like the gyros sauce.  You have to mix it with their native vinegar.  SUPER!!!!  

They all bought to take home for pasalubong, I did not because I try to avoid eating fried food.

We went to the main CNT across SM to buy lechon but they ran out!!! Panic time!!!!   They called their SM Supermarket branch which was just across and we reserved  4 kilos of Cebu Lechon. It was so nice of them to give us some crunchy skin with fat.

This is the reason why I love going to Cebu.
 We could not eat a lot because we were on our way to have dinner.

We went to Cafe Elyssa in Parian, an old ancestral home converted into a gallery-restaurant.

The mother in law of Candy suggested we order the Monggo


and Humba.

We wanted to go to more places but we did not have enough time and there was no more space in our stomachs!

I was so glad I felt better during our excursion.  I have not been feeling well lately due to bad allergies. I had to go for the big guns.  Bought my prescription medicines and pumped myself with steroids, Fern-C, Tylenol, double dose of anti histamines and lots and lots of prayers just so I can go to Cebu.  I could hardly open my eyes prior to the trip, went through 2 packs of Kleenex in a day.  My fervent prayer was to be able to taste all the food and God did not disappoint.  I felt so much better when I woke up and it went on until our red eye flight home.

A little mind boggling though, when I was eating, I did not cough nor sneeze! I told them it was probably the cure for my allergies!   Hahaha Then while we were waiting for our flight at the Waterfront Hotel across the airport, I coughed and Catherine said:  You are hungry again, Li?

It was an enjoyable day spent with the girls.  We wished we could stay longer! Still many places we have to try!!!  I can not wait for my next Cebu food journey!

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  1. and we will surely join you! Now I'm hungry! :(

    - Marianne