Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brunch at Salcedo Market

I slept early last night because I could not wait to go to Salcedo Market!   I still woke up late, so I just had brunch at Salcedo with Mona.

I was chatting last night with my friend from NY, Lisa, and she is coming home for a visit in January.  We were talking about all the food she wants to eat when she gets to the Philippines.  One of them was Inihaw na Liempo!!!

I got envious and ate it this morning.

Bought it from the grilled food vendor.

I took a bite from Mona's Tamales.

Hahahahaha  Did you notice anything wrong with the pictures??? They are a little blurred because I was hungry and my hands were shaking   hahahaha  From here on end.... clear pictures only.

I have a friend who recently ate Samosas and.... as usual I got envious!!!

I bought Chicken Samosa with Mango Chutney.

It was still hot!  Delicious with chicken, chick peas and curry.  Then I dipped it in mango chutney.  It is the Indian's equivalent of empanada.

I also ate corn dog.

I like to eat it with mustard only.

My Ate would have loved the Chicharon Bulaklak!!!!

The "flowers" were in "full bloom"!!!

Hakao from the dim sum cart.

I bought my favorite Kilawin Puso ng Saging.

Will eat it with daing na bangus at home.

There were a lot of food to choose from at Salcedo Market but these were my "picks" for the day.

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