Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was talking with my friend Jing last week, she said... "Lia, I do not hear a sparkle in your voice!" and we were talking about food!   I am afraid I have lost my "Sparkle"  and I can not seem to find it!!!  Usually, I become so animated and excited when I am talking about my favorite subject.  It could not be that I was not eating my favorite food in the world!

Last weekend, I attended Tita Tess' birthday party with a whole Lechon!

That should have brought a sparkle to my voice.  But it did not.

I also went to Catherine's surprise birthday party.

We commissioned our friend, Chef Rainbow Hackett of Chef's Galley to cook dinner for us.

We had our favorite salad with sugar free mango dressing.

Eggplant Parmigiana

A whole platter of Beef Salpicao!  YUM!

Sugar free dessert

... and 3 Coffee Ganache for the birthday girl.

The food was delicious .... but I still could not find my "sparkle".

Just this Saturday, my family and I celebrated in advance the 5th death anniversary of my Mom.

I went all the way to Quezon Avenue to buy Elar's Lechon.

My sister requested fresh lumpiang ubod with home made wrapper.

Gilly's favorite Nilagang Baka with sweet corn.

Very plain soup because they only like the broth.. nobody eats the vegetables nor the meat!

It boggles my mind because that is the only thing she likes to eat with rice.... all the time!  Broth and rice!

My brother loves plain steamed Suahe Shrimps.

Our dessert was just Magnolia Guimaras Mangoes and Cream ice cream.

Imagine that ... 2 Lechons in a week and still .... no "sparkle".

Tita Portia invited me to lunch today, she asked where I wanted to eat.  I answered: Peking Garden!  We shared a whole duck.

Got this picture from my file because I forgot my camera.  What is wonderful about Peking Garden is, it looks the same way all the time.  And taste too!

LOL  we finished it!  There was some left over  minced duck which I had for dinner.  We also ordered Sauteed Shanghai Shrimps.

With all those delicious food I should be jumping up and down in excitement.  What happened to me???   This is exactly what the doctors want me to feel ....  ... devoid of feelings when I am eating... not to equate joy and happiness with food.

This is a good thing, right???  I have to refocus my energy.  Thank goodness I still have another source of happiness... which is... Boracay!

But... I am still wondering ... where has my sparkle gone?

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