Friday, July 15, 2011

Sweet Bella - Burgos Circle

The first time I heard of Sweet Bella was when the student of Tita Portia gave her a box of ensaymada from the pastry shop.  Then she and I went to Burgos Circle to take a peek at their store.  

Then... I was with Celine last Monday, her sister Gina gave us a voucher... and today I went back.  I liked the Quatro Funghi Pizza the first time I ate there ... so I ordered a whole pizza! It was just a 9 inch super thin and crispy pizza with button, shitake, oyster and winsu mushrooms.

The cheese was creamy, soft and thick ... unlike the other food chain pizzas  I order once in a while.... their cheese was like candle wax when cold. 

I do not like pizza that much ... I am actually NOT allowed because the cheese would cause vertigo.... plus let us not think anymore of the calories.

But I could not help myself ... I had to go back to Sweet Bella ...  I just had to have their Mushroom Pizza. I did not finish the whole pie.

I wanted to but I just had 5 slices and brought home the remaining three.

Have I told you about the thin crust? I turned it upside down and took a picture.

It is even thinner than Skyflakes!

Maybe I am the only one who likes the pizza... reminds me of Birdhouse Pizza a long, long, long time ago. 

The small dining area is on the second floor.  Sometimes, they would put on French music. 

Sweet Bella has lots of pastries ... It is a dessert cafe.  

There are still other interesting things I would like to try next time.  Who wants to join me?

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