Monday, July 4, 2011

P.S. Balamban Liempo of Cebu

It is a bad situation if I have a craving.  I could not wait anymore to go to Mercato on Saturday, so I looked for the nearest branch of Balamban Liempo.  Found one in San Rafael St., Kapitolyo, Pasig. 

Celine and I braved the afternoon rains just to go to Pasig.  If it was bright and sunny, I would have brought my car.  But I can not drive when it is raining.  We had to take the MRT and rode a cab!!!  Such dedication to passion!  Hahahahaha!

We ordered a whole slab for the two of us and white rice!  Plus the vinegar/soy  dipping sauce.

My friend liked it.  The branch we went to was a franchise.  The liempo in Pasig was good but I prefer the one from Mercato.  The flavor taste the same but much juicer and a bit more tender in Mercato.  But if you have the craving.... it is good enough!

Still....  I can not wait for Saturday!  I know what I am going to prepare for my family.  Bulalo Soup, Pancit Canton and Balamban Liempo!!!!


  1. Hi Lia, I had a craving the other day for Cebu lechon and I ended up buying the Balamban Liempo as its very near our house... I couldnt agree with you more... I was quite disappointed...

  2. Hi! I hope I will not be disappointed when I buy in Mercato on Saturday.

  3. Hello Lia, I was able to try Balamban lechon liempo at a Greenhills stall last Saturday. Just want to thank you for your great post. More power!

  4. Oh, I'm glad you were able to try it!