Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Favorite Pancit

Today was Binondo Day!  Hahaha! In  my calendar.  My friends and I went to Ongpin to eat Pancit at the President Grand Palace.  The Sizzling Noodles with Shrimps and Pork is my all-time favorite!!!

  I could eat one platter all by myself!  We ordered 2 kinds of sizzling noodles, the other one was with Assorted Seafood.

It was Mona's treat.

It was also Celine's first time to try the noodles and she liked it also.  The noodles were deep fried and placed on a sizzling plate, topped with meat and thick sauce.  It arrived at our table "sizzling" hot.

We did not order anything anymore because we only wanted to eat the noodles.

We bought lychees from the street vendor for our dessert.

Celine bought "tubo" or sugarcane from a young man.

He is only 13 years old but very hardworking.  The last time I ate "tubo" was more than 30 years ago.  I think I was in grade 2.

I bought Pancit Canton noodles at the Lingnam Noodle Factory along T. Alonzo St.

I will use it on Saturday for our weekly family lunch.  It does not taste stale nor rancid.  Sometimes when I buy from the grocery, the noodles would give off a "used" cooking oil kind of taste.

I also bought fresh wanton wrappers which  I stored in the freezer and will cook Pancit Molo one of these days.

I prefer their wanton wrappers than the ones you can buy from the supermarkets.

In our food adventures, we still find time to visit the Church (Sta. Cruz) and say a prayer of Thanksgiving.

We always say,  Thank you, Lord for giving us the opportunity and the means to be able to go around and satisfy our food cravings.

Today was another good day with friends filled with fun and delicious Pancit!


  1. Where is this?! i love pancit too. I need to try this! One of my faves is Buddy's Pancit habhab!!

  2. President Grand Palace, Ongpin St. Binondo. We ordered the Sizzling noodles with shrimps and pork.