Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mercato Centrale and Mercato Midnite

Mercato is located in Bonifacio Global City.  If you are coming from Market!Market!, it is on the right side of the main road just before Home Depot.  Took me a while to check out this place because I did not know where it was.

I was killing time today  before meeting with Celine at Resortsworld, so I went to Mercato Centrale.(Saturday and Sunday 7:00 am to 2:00 p.m.)  I looked around first before buying from Balamban Liempo.

Marianne, gave me a flier a couple of months ago and I am glad, I was able to try it finally.

I really, really, really loved it!!!!  When they were chopping it, I asked why was the meat pinkish in color, the guy said it was because they cured it before roasting.

I was not disappointed!  The meat was tender and so flavorful.  If I close my eyes, I could imagine myself eating CNT Lechon from Cebu.  Meaning, it was salty and "herb-y" - Cebu Lechon style.  I dipped the meat in vinegar and soy sauce.  The skin was crunchy but do not expect the smooth skin of the regular Lechon.

I want it to be Saturday morning already so I can go back and buy a slab for my family for lunch.  I hope they like it because it is not the usual Lechon.  Will just let them try it, they prefer the Manila kind of Lechon with liver sauce.

I also bought from Merry Moo Ice cream.

I got the Almond Honey Chocolate, it was a bit sweet for me, probably because of the honey.  I prefer the Honeycomb.

They have interesting flavors such as Strawberry and Black Pepper, Poprock and Mallows, Early Grey, Strawberry Basil, etc.

The other vendors of Mercato Centrale:

The Mercato Midnite starts at 9:30 pm up to the wee hours of the morning every Friday and Saturday.   They do have an air-conditioned tent for the Centrale and Midnite.  I have been to the night market several times already.  There are more people during the evening.

My friends and I have tried the Bagnet with Rice,

Ilocos Empanada,


Pork Barbeque,

Baby back ribs, Cebu Lechon, Taclings,

 Shabu Shabu, Manang's Fried Chicken - sort of like Bon Chon chicken


it was like bagnet but more garlicky in flavor and bacon thin

and a whole lot more food stalls to choose from. 

I prefer to go to Mercato Midnite because there are more food choices and much cooler.  I am willing to go during the day only because of the Balamban Liempo.  Some vendors sell at both Mercato.

I am still dreaming of the liempo I ate today.  I want the days to go very quickly!!!  Dear Lord, let it be Saturday already!


  1. Hi! Yummy Balamban Liempo! I've tried it and it's really good :)

    by the way, may i grab My Pink Wasabi's photo and upload to our site? Thanks


  2. Sure Anna! Grab the photo for your site.

  3. Thanks for your post Ms. Lia. :) Will look into how to improve our flavors for our customers :)
    - Merry Moo

  4. @Merry Moo... that would be great! I am going to try the other flavors next time.

  5. Hi Lia!

    Great review of Mercato!
    On your next visit, do visit the ManilaQ booth and try our best-seller, the "Bagwang". Simply put, it's Bagnet made even better...and we hope to see you there so you could taste for yourself why ;)

    ManilaQ is @ Mercato every Friday night and Sunday morning.

    See you there! ;)

  6. @ManilaQ HI! Sorry I forgot to mention in my blog that I have tried the Bagwang! I also liked it!