Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mayette!

Happy Birthday, Mayette!  My friends and I were teasing her on the phone last Sunday.  We told her, "It's your birthday on July 13, what are your plans?!?!"  She said she will be busy with work with a scheduled operation in the morning.  She is an Ophthalmologist.

Last  week, Corry wanted me to ask Mayette and Celine if they would like to celebrate their birthdays jointly.  I "conveniently" forgot to ask the two.  Hahaha  I want to celebrate all their birthdays separately!  

We (Jing, Mona, Mon,  Sherman and I) were invited to dinner at Kanin Club, Ayala Triangle. Celine, Mariger and Corry were not able to join us.   Mayette and her whole family (Mommy, Joy, Kiel, Bees, Luan, Mark, Cindy and Jon) were there so it was a long table filled with food! Almost two of everything!  Earlier in the evening, Nolan, Sol and the kids also had dinner.

Crispy Liempo - paper thin Lechon Kawali

Aligue Rice - I loved it!

Bagoong Rice - not my favorite

Crispy Dinuguan - crunchy chicharon with dinuguan sauce

Seafood Salpicao - would eat it again.

Spicy Tahong

Crispy Pata

Binukadkad na Tilapia

Stuffed Squid

Sigarilyas Express- the favorite of the night!

Itsi-Bitsi - stir fried vegetables with beef flakes.

Butter Cake with Butter Icing from Estrel's

"Corkage Fee"

 Hahahaha  There was a "Cutting Fee", had to pay 250 to be able to cut and slice the cake!  So I gave them each a paper napkin  hahaha ... told them, might as well make use of it .... and no sharing of dessert plates! 

The food never stopped coming!  My waistline never stopped growing in increments! I drank a lot of water, the waiter probably thought there was a horse in our party!

And the best part ... at the end of our meal .... Joy, the sister of Mayette said:  This is my birthday gift to you!  You should have seen her smile! It was from ear to ear!  

Thank you Mayette for the delicious birthday dinner!  Hahahaha or should I say, Thank you Joy?!?!?

I am so blessed to have you and Jon as my friends!  Happy Birthday again my dear friend!

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  1. Kanin Club is really good!! we love their sinigang and seafood salpicao :D I'm still eyeing to try the Turon KC!