Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Corry!

We celebrated Corry's birthday last Sunday at their house in Alabang.  As usual, we were all so stuffed I had to open the button of my shorts!!!  My others friends had to stand up after lunch. 

Corry served all our favorite food.   It was a simple lunch get together but we loved everything!

We had our favorite steamed crab.

I have to ask the maid how she did it.  Whenever I cook steamed crabs, it would end up dry.  I want mine to be moist and succulent like Dory's..

Our special request was Fried Hito! 

It was so crispy we even ate the fishbones!  Dipped in Mona's special Ginger-Garlic Olive oil sauce.

My all time favorite and it is now Corry's favorite... Sinigang na Baboy with HUGE wiggling chunks of fat! 

Ahhhh We were in Sinigang heaven!!!

There was Pork Barbeque from Amber.

Mangga Salad

For dessert, we had Strawberry Shortcake, Pichi Pichi and Becky' s Thick and Fudgy Cherry Walnut Brownies from Jing.  I was not able to take pictures of the dessert because my hands were too busy eating plus my shorts would fall down.  Hahahaha!

Our SECOND dessert was assorted chips and dip!  Corry would always buy my favorite Ruffles Sour cream and cheddar whenever I visit.  We also had Tostitos, Frito Lay Sour Cream dip, Clover and a whole lot more.    Mona made a cheese and garlic dip.  YUMMMM!!!!  Best part of all ... my "inaanak" Mariel was not there!   Hehehehe She is my Sour cream and cheddar rival.

I was really so full I did not eat dinner anymore!  Hahaha  Well ... that was my press release  but in truth, I had a Dayrit's Smoked Porkloin Sandwich!

Happy Birthday to a special person named Corry Avancena!!!!

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