Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Celine ... and Gina!

My friends and I celebrated Celine's birthday last night in Greenbelt.  Our original plan was to have dinner at the favorite "ng Bayan(i.e. our group)" Chic-Boy along Jupiter St.   But we were upgraded to Mr. Jones!  Gina, the sister of Celine, who is also celebrating her birthday today gave us a couple vouchers and Celine took care of the rest of the bill.

We were so happy because the whole gang was present.  Hahahahahaha you should have heard me singing in my head, "Hail! Hail! The gang's all here!"

Thank you Sherman for taking our picture!

Earlier in the afternoon, I was already browsing the net for the menu of Mr. Jones.  I could not decide what to order, until the last minute.... I had the burger.

I wanted the Big Mama's Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf but it had a side order of fried egg which turned me off. Well, perhaps I can try it next time as long as it is not in the evening.

Sherman had the U.S. Beef Tapa and Garlic Overload.

Guess what Jing ordered?  Bowl of Chili!  No surprise there.  I also wanted it but  we got different kinds of food.

Corry and Mona shared (split into two) Two Dogs on a Bed

and  Mac and Cheese.

  I loved the Mac and Cheese!  I kept on "pilfering" from Corry's plate, there was this distinct taste I am familiar with but could not identify.  I looked at the menu again and it had truffle oil! Hahaha ... because the name of the dish is: Wicked Truffled Mac n' Cheese.  I am not a pasta fan but would order this again.

Mariger's choice was Grilled Steak and Crispy Pear Wedge.  It is their equivalent of Caesar's salad.

Mayette had the Fish and Chips.  Huge slipper sized fish!

Jon's order was the Even Better Yankee Pot Roast.

The birthday girl had the Giant Tacos!!!

I can not remember the name of her chosen dish but it was really huge!!!!

After dinner, we moved to Cerveseria, Greenbelt 3.  It is our favorite "drinking" place.

Not that I drink.  I was kidding them earlier that I will order Frozen Mango Daiquiri without the rum  hahaha meaning Mango Shake!  Corry and I were the only ones who had non-alcoholic beverages.  I tried their Watermelon Green Mango Shake.  ASIM!!!!!  hahahaha  I had to add a couple of packets of Splenda, then it became ok.

My friends and I would like to go back and try their Spanish dishes especially the "cochinillo".  The tapas bar looks like a cozy library with chandelier made of candle wax.

During the weekends they have a dj who plays house or 80's music but not too loud because my friends and I could still hear each other.

The BEST thing about Cerveseria .... I could be in shorts and my Birkenstock!  Hahahaha This is not the place for people who like to dress up and "BE SEEN".  Cerveseria is just a comfortable place to chill out and dine with friends,  hahaha especially people my age.

Everybody had a great and fun night!   Thanks Celine and wishing you and Gina a very Happy Birthday!


  1. Good job lia!Always a pleasure reading your blogs.:)

  2. food at MR. JONES looks so yummy!! servings are just too big, i don't think i can ever finish them.