Friday, July 8, 2011

Beef Bone Marrow

After Lechon, "Bulalo" or bone marrow is my second most favorite food in the entire world.  I would sometimes order Bulalo from restaurants but would end up disappointed because they would give you this big piece of bone with some meat attached to it and the marrow looked like the brain of a.....  hmmm... a small animal!  Hahaha.

I have been very bad yesterday.  After lunch I went to Rustan's Glorietta supermarket to buy some things.  And what did I see in the chiller????  It was calling my name, "Lia!  Lia! Yooohooo! I'm here!"  A tray of beef bone marrow!  I immediately put it in my cart. 

I met with Tita Portia in Rustan's and I told her I was going to show her something.  I did not want to buy for her, thinking she might be health conscious.  "Auntie!  Look what I found!"  She said... I am going to buy it!  I just boiled her bones for her in the evening.

When the marrow was raw and frozen, it looked so innocent.  But after simmering over gentle flame, it looked deadly as sin! 

I told the maid of Tita Portia not to let my aunt eat all the marrow!  I was so scared and a bit guilty for showing it to her.  I called up after a few minutes to tell my aunt not eat them all!  But then the maid said Tita Portia did not want to talk to me because she was busy eating Bulalo!  I was praying the whole time, I hope nothing bad happens.

I still have my very own tray of bone marrow.

I told my friends I am too scared to eat it but at the same time I do not want to share with them.  I plan to cook Roasted Bone Marrow.  I'm still trying to build up my courage.  It is terriying to think that I would be eating all of them but at the same time excited.

So, let us wait and see what happens when I roast the Beef Bone Marrow!  

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