Friday, July 8, 2011

2nd's Restaurant

2nd's is a fairly new (to me) restaurant at Bonifacio High Street, near Nike Park and Agave.  Today is my Grandma's birthday, she would have been 105 years old.  Tita Portia and I celebrated by eating at 2nd's.  I read some reviews about it but I forgot what I was supposed to order.

So... we ordered "blindly".  We had the Brutus Salad, we split it into two servings.

I saw the kamote chips from the other table and asked the waiter to give us one serving.

Tita Portia remembered her friend recommended the Three Little Pigs Kawali

Hmmm ... I would have to say, I still make the best Lechon Kawali in town, but if you can not eat mine... then the ones from restaurants would have to do.  There was nothing wrong with The Three Little Pigs... just that.. I prefer my version better.

We looked in the menu for another dish to order and chose Shoreside Thai Red Curry

We were so full already we just took a little bite of the fish.  A bit spicy for me, though.

Dessert was Leche Flan Turon

I wanted more turon!

Would I go back for seconds???  Maybe ... there are still other things I want to try.

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